New Airfoil Rim and TA Road Tire Review

I just bolted on my new Airfoil rim with the TA road tire, and took it for a spin at lunch break. I did have to do the frame “dimples” that Harper and James have talked about to keep the spokes from rubbing at the bottom of the frame. What a difference in rolling resistance. At the beginning of my ride was a big downhill. I used my brake which I hadn’t been able to use effectively because the rim never stayed true. It was a pleasure to drag the Magura and easily pedal down the incline. I think the biggest difference I noted was when i came to the end of a road and turned around, it turned sooo easily. I stopped and tried some quick turns and found I could easily 180around. I then tried idling which I had never been very successful at, and was able to idle several cycles right off. I’m not sure how much is the tire, and how much the rim, but it made me feel better about spending the big bucks for the setup. Mounting was also easier due to the reduced rim weight. I was always skeptical about the deal the was made out of the reduced rim weight. But I’m a believer now. I’m not sure what the tire weight differences are. I wish I’d weighed the wheels before installing the new one.

Yeah, the TA and airfoil is sweet.

Funny, I always plan to weigh the wheel before and after. But, then I never can stop, no time to waste. I must get back on the uni.

I have to agree

I had upgraded my wheel with lighter: stainless spokes, airfoil rim, and cranks. I have been riding my radial 360 fast and further then ever. Lately I tried replacing the TA tire with the Coker tire and found that I like the TA better.

So was left with a bunch of wheel spare parts, only a hub and tube short of a complete wheel. So I bought a new hub and tube, and just tonight finished building the wheels. Now I have my lightweight wheel and another wheel which is just like the original wheel; steel rim, steel cranks, and thick spokes.

What I’m getting to is, I just swapping the wheels between my frame and rode each for a few minutes. Turns out I could not tell the weight difference :astonished: . I only just rode around on level pavement, but I was surprised how little difference there was.

(BTW: UDC has the radial 360 on sale for the month of February.)

Radial TA and airfoil rim

PDC and crashing: I’m contemplating the same change for my radial 360. What are you referring to about dimples??
So where did you get your wheel built? Did you use 14 ga stainless spokes and the UDC extra wide hub?? 3 or 4 cross pattern? Does your new set-up feel more squirreley or unstable at speed than the stock rim. Can you actually go faster or is the best part the higher level of control?

I had UDC build my wheel with stock Coker spokes 4 cross pattern and a UDC wide hub. I’d rather have used stainless spokes, but opted on convenience. With the wide hub you have to strech the frame a little wider. The spokes at the hub will brush the frame just above the bearing holder. Easily corrected with a blunt punch and a quick blow with a hammer. Didn’t even crack my powdercoat. I think the biggest difference is the reduced rolling resistance=less effort, of the TA tire. It doesn’t change how fast you can go. I felt a had more slow speed control.

I swapped the wheels again and rode around on more varied terrain. I do like the lighter wheel better, it is more ‘responsive’. PDC described it best, with more control at slow speeds.

I built the wheel myself, a very good experience. See the forum tutorials.
The spokes came from Tom Miller of ‘the unicycle factory’ for $100. You’ll have to call him, always interesting.
If your going with the ss spokes, be sure to buy a new hub from UDC, since the new hub comes with the proper size 14 gauge holes, instead of the large 12gauge coker holes.
The spoke nipples came from sem,
Yes, 4 cross for the airfoil.
The 360 radial frame won’t need dimples.

Try searching for the details, if that doesn’t help, I’d be happy to look things up, later.

The reference to sem for nipples in my previous post, is to, If you call, he’ll know what nipples you need.

I guess i am immature but I laughed after reading this.

BTW Roger at uk has stainless Coker spokes!