New Adrien Vid

Me like alot, good music even though i dunno what they are sayin!

That was also posted in this thread: New Team Keukly Vid

Awesome video.

Fifth Side Flip :astonished:

Awesome video…
i Loved the Adrien Line at 1:11! :wink:


I do not care if it was posted. :astonished: That is one of the best STreet videos :astonished: I have ever seen. Compliment to all the Riders. Keep up the good work…


That was awesome. Except for the lack of actual hand rails. Hand rails, soo good. I wanna see more big hand rails. Please.

Mmm, this was a perfect example of flatland and street.
Nice work.

Peter M

It wasn’t a fifthside was it? I can’t rewatch it at the moment cause my comps being a bitch but I’m pretty sure it was a treyside doubleflip.

In the new vid its a treside doubleflip but in an older one that Emile linked to of Loic and Adrien, Loic does a fifth sideflip.

I’m pretty sure it was a fifth side flip…

On the video posted by Emile (Link on YT), at 1:29, Loic landed a Fifth Side Flip. On the video Adrien in Pontalier, Loic landed a treyside double flip :smiley:


EDIT: Spencer ansewered quickly than me!