New addition to the herd

I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new member to my herd, a six foot Semcycle giraffe. The other four short guys have not yet developed a Napleon complex and have actually been quite accommodating in welcoming the new fellow who seems a bit skittish. To bad I got home after dark…I don’t seem to be able to ride this tall rascal in my basement.

Many thanks to Jeff Lutkus, the previous owner who fed and groomed it so well. If you’re ever in the market for a used unicycle and Honest Jeff is selling, stop thinking and make the purchase. He was kind enough to ship it with brand new pedals after giving me a super deal on it. It is in absolutely perfect shape and it even sports his own logo (brand) on one side. I hope I don’t get strung up for rustling.

The only complaint I have is that the cheap, penny pincher deflated the tire so he wouldn’t have to pay to ship the air. Well…the financial woes of the student.

you have’nt even rode it yet, Harper

it will probobly fall apart under you in the morning…



I will ride this thing, jagur. The sun will come up over the east African savanah…I will saddle the long-necked loper and dominate it.

Or…maybe eat asphalt. We’ll see.

oh come on !

turn the porch light on and taker for a spin…

your neighbors wont call the cops…?

tell us how it feels to dominate…

Congratulations harper, I can only dream of when I can get a girrafe,
however, currently a coker takes presedence over a girrafe, unless of course
anybody would like to donate one or the other to my cause…

Re: New addition to the herd

I would have to say the basement isn’t an ideal place to ride a 6 footer ;). I just got mine yesterday, but I did take it for a spin last night, and it was raining too. :stuck_out_tongue:

let me know how well you do getting on this new found-friend, it seems the unicycles that are taller than you are a tad bit harder to mount :slight_smile:

Have fun with the new uni. My muni is supposed to come soon… hopefully. was out of the frame, so i have to wait. BUMMER!!!
-david kaplan

Yes, jagur I have ridden the giraffe. And yes, I dominated it. I took off work as early as I could. I tossed the camelopard into the back of my truck. I loaded up the wife and dog and headed for a schoolyard a couple of blocks away where there is a large area of smooth asphalt and various things to lean on and climb against like poles, basketball goals, chain link fences. I climbed up, saddled up, wobbled ferociously and then rode away. It was easy to ride and I became comfortable with it very quickly. It became dark soon after I started so dismounting was a little iffy (how far away is that pavement?) Drive on up from Salem and you may take it for a spin.

i’d love to come up and try it ,but check this out i’m 29 and i’ve never had a licence to drive…

or even owned a car


Cars suck…too many wheels.

carz…too many wheelz…

carz… too many billz…

It’s late and I may be getting loopy…but Greg just adopted a new-to-him giraffe uni. I’ve wondered what an elephant unicycle would look like, let alone what it would be like to ride the thing.

“harper” <> wrote in message
> Cars suck…too many wheels.

Heh…that’s my line!

Folks usually look at me strangely for a minute and then realize what
I meant and burst out laughing…lol…


Bozone (n.) The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright
ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little
sign of breaking down in the near future.

This bespeaks of an unhealthy relationship. Only through a loving relationship with the camelpard will you ever form a true partnership and become at one with the beast. Untill then, you risk being thrown, scraped off on low branches, or suddenly bolting away from bank teller windows with your ATM card still in the slot.

Take heed.


Chris, jagur-

I have proof that I have dominated the beast.

I carefully omitted the photos my wife took of me climbing ladders, desperately hugging trees, scaling walls, using hoists and cranes, and falling off. I didn’t think those would be of interest to you. Besides, somehow she took too many of those.

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002 04:26:10 +0000 (UTC), harper
<> wrote:

>Cars suck…too many wheels.
Umm… then why do you load the giraffe beast into your truck instead
of walking her to this schoolyard a couple of blocks away?

Klaas Bil

“To trigger/fool/saturate/overload Echelon, the following has been picked automagically from a database:”
“Robert Hanssen, besopasnosti, informatie”


Cars suck…not trucks. Truck does, however, rhyme with suck. Besides, one looks silly walking a unicycle. Not as silly as me trying to mount the giraffe, though.


everybody on this side of the coast is a tree hugger,so you need not fear posting a pic.

Those on the other side of the coast are in the water…

Klaas Bil

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002 07:36:21 +0000 (UTC), jagur
<> wrote:

>everybody on this side of the coast is a tree hugger,so you need not
>fear posting a pic.
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“To trigger/fool/saturate/overload Echelon, the following has been picked automagically from a database:”
“credit card, Juiliett Class Submarine, top secret”

> I’ve wondered what an elephant unicycle would look
>like, let alone what it would be like to ride the thing.

Our smaller giraffes, ones we have cut the post down to fit smaller riders, are
called ostriches.
Barb K.