New 89mm ISIS cranks

I run an online unicycle shop based here in Singapore but I made a mistake with getting some 89mm cranks produced. They’re in ISIS instead of square taper format so i now have a whole lot of them and I doubt if we’ve enough unicyclists in the country with the kind of unicycles that need them.

In any case, they’re available for roughly US$35 a pair if anyone’s interested in getting them. We’ve other stuff as well but it’s mainly these that we’ll probably have too many for.

How much to ship to the U.S.?

Roughly $3 by sea (6 - 10 Weeks) or $11 by air (6-8 days). I’m pretty sure they’d fit in an envelope.

Take papal?

Yup, Paypal’s probably the best invention since the unicycle. Drop me a PM if you’re keen. I’ll head to the post office later to check out the exact cost.