New 65 yr old guy from BC

Hi to all you one wheel fans here on the site. I just got a 26” Nimbus a few weeks ago, and have been workin hard on learning how to ride it. No previous experience. There is no usable pavement within forty miles other than the Hwy, so I’m learning on my rough driveway. It’s going quite well, after 20 hours of practice over 20 days I’ve gotten to 80 - 90 feet several times and lots of shorter rides. I’ve had lots of help and good advice on the forums from great folks. Looking forward to the consistency to kick in and some longer rides. it will happen and is just a matter of time. Cheers.

Good times at Sheridan Lake

Sounds like you’ve made great progress.

Fifteen years ago, the summer I learned to unicycle, the wife and I went to Sheridan Lake for a vacation fishing trip. With nowhere handy to mount with assistance I learned to freemounting on the gravel roads there, not that far from Lone Butte.




Was it an Oracle you got? And what made you choose that particular size?

New65 yr old guy from BC

bungeejoe, I actually live at Bridge Lk. next to Sheridan Lk. My post office address for some reason is in Lone Butte. I fish in Sheridan a lot but more through the ice in the winter than in the summer. Nice lake Sheridan. The main road to Sheridan is now paved but not the side roads. It must have been tough to learn on the dirt, I know it is for me.
Dingfelder, I see you too are new to the uni world. There are not many paved roads around here, but hundreds of miles of forest roads as well as snowmobile/atv trails. I didn’t get the Oracle because I don’t think I’m going to need a brake for quite a while if ever. I thought the 26” Nimbus Muni would be a good choice. Now if I could just learn to ride it! Lol Good luck to you on your quest to ride. Cheers

Thanks, you too!

I’m trying to leave learning the brake for later.

Enjoy those forest roads and trails! That’s why I got a muni too. I wouldn’t dare ride the roads around here, they’re bounded by steep rocky ditches on one side and a high proportion of drunks and meth heads on the other. But the trails are beautiful.

New 65 yr old guy from BC

Dingfelder, wow those roads sound scary. I’m sure the trails there are fantastic. I’m looking forward to the day I can actually ride so I can get out on the trails. I’m curious, is your brake or disc taking a beating while to learn to ride your Oracle? I was asking because, I have my seat taped up with padding and duct tape, front and rear as the gravel is really hard on it. The muni sometimes really goes flying when I bail. I’ll take all that off once I can ride and free mount.

The brake handle came installed off-center and still didn’t get scraped. It was only after my first session that I even remembered I hadn’t straightened it out.

I did get a good scraped patch on the side of my seat, toward the back. Everything’s intact but since that’s apparently a contact point, I will put some duct tape there so I don’t mess up the seat too quickly.

Learning in gravel sounds like something that will scrape up your stuff pretty quickly. Sure scrapes up my car when they’re redoing a worn road.

I’m really looking forward to learning well enough to ride the trails too. Not just for me, but for my dog, who I hope to take right along with me as much as possible. Then we can both be in shape while having fun. Good combo! I really don’t enjoy exercising unless it’s part of developing a skill. And I have to walk the dog anyway, so …

You were born 65 years old? How does that work?

Ah yes, the new math rears it’s ugly head again:)

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