New 47mm wide rim wider than KH?

I was just looking around the net, and noticed the new limited edition Qu-Ax muni has a ‘new’ 47mm wide DH rim.

Is this the widest DH rim availible? KH freeride rims are 42mm, but I’m thinking maybe the Qu-Ax rim is measured OD, and the KH freeride rim is ID?

What do you think about it? I haven’t heard about this new rim yet, which is suprising.

The new Qu-Ax looks nice, anyway…


The Surly Large Marge DH rim is 65mm wide.

The KH Freeride rim is 42.2mm OD and 35.0mm ID. I have no idea what rim the Qu-Ax muni could be using. Someone will need to ask Roger.