New 36" tire and Two 36" Rims Announced By UDC

For those of you not following the “Exciting news for 36” enthusiasts" thread, Roger of UDC UK has announced a new 36" tire and two new 36" rims!

I’m wondering about the tread life on that new, lighter tire compared to the beefier TA tire. I have found the TA to be a great tire for both distance riding on paved roads, and offroad as well. I can see hardly any wear after many hundreds of miles so far.

Will that tire fit on airfoils?

Wow these are 30 grams lighter than my drilled rim…

yeah it should however the coker beaded tire does not according to UDC

What rim is that? I’m assuming Airfoil drilled rim?

I guess I sprung for my 36er a month too soon.

A question for Roger…

How does the quality and strength of the casing and bead compare with the previous Coker and TA tyres? Is it made in that same factory?

I know I’ve destroyed three sets of Coker Tyres because they do not tolerate going tubeless very well. I had no problems with my first tubeless set-up, but subsequently I’ve blown up the beads and casings of three Coker tyres.

The new rim/tyre combo with a tubeless set-up would make an awesomely lightweight wheelset.


Like Terry said

Ya gotta love the wear on the TA tire. Mine looks almost new at 1000 ish miles. So here in flat snowless ville, the new tire looks cool, but it may take me 10 or so years to wear out the TA. The new tire looks good though.

The rims look good.

Now we have 3 brands of 36" tires. Why oh why won’t someone make a 42 or bigger? :thinking: :roll_eyes: :wink: :smiley:

It’s gonna happen, sell huge, and make manufactures scratch their heads and say, “well, that was easy.” :slight_smile:

So very true. I like my 36er but I can’t see what wouldn’t be better about a bigger wheel, as long as it is a pneumatic tire. Why is 42" the next logical size btw?

I think it’s better to have a good choice of 36" tyres. It’s a much more versatile wheel size for most terrain. 42" is going to get pretty heavy and unwieldy. You would need to make a very good rim and tyre for it to be worthwhile.

Very good news!

Has the new tire some bigger circumference? A couple of cm because of the new tread pattern?


Lets be patient. New ground is being broken all the time and who would have thought the 36" unicycles would have come so far in a few years. Have you seen a production 36 MTB yet?
It is a bloody long way down if you fall off though but I am prepared.

I’m looking for a new tire (and maybe even rim) for the Uninam tour. I’d be more than happy to give it a 500km road test if Roger were willing to ship one to me at a cut rate :smiley:

And incidentally, the old steel rims that were stock on the Nimbus 36" are gone forever. It’s all airfoil all the time now.

Good riddance.

I hate carrying on discussion across two threads but another issue being discussed over in the 36" enthusiast thread is the idea that quite a few people want to build up this new wheel to an ISIS hub but no frames currently accept the 42mm bearing size.

I’d like an ISIS wheelset, and will probably get a Ti Frame made for this. I thought the New Coker frames took 42mm bearings?

The only problem with ISIS is still the lack of crank selection. They’re mostly overly heavy cranks and hubs built for Trials or Street. Only lightweight low-Q cranks available are the Quax ones, and they don’t go down to 89mm. I’m sure that will improve over the next few years though.

you gotta have the 89ers

Ken, why not make friends with a machinist?

It’s much easier to whittle a heavy crank down, than to build a skinny crank up.

I’m sure you could have a pair of cranks modded for pocket change… what do they pay doctors these days, anyways? :wink:

I’ve gone down to 100mm cranks, and they are great for flat riding but lack enough power to ride variable terrain. Every time I lighten about 250g on my wheel, it feels like I’m going up a gear. So I’m sure 89’s will be the new 100’s and the 100’s will be the new 110’s.