New 29er Tire from Schwalbe

Three styles, three prices:

Anyone tried this tire yet? It looks tough, just wonder how much better it can be than the Ardent 2.4 and if it’s as big as an Ardent or RR. It has promise, but we need a tester, Bueller?

throw me a unicycle and i will let you know =D hehe, looks pretty ballin, (when i get a 26" Muni) i am going to try my

Kenda Kenetic 2.6" wide
Kenda Nevegal 2.5" wide
WTB exiwolf 2.3" wide

hehe but that one would be fun, seems like it would handle the fast corners well

Hmm, interesting. I was getting ready to replace my Stout with an Ardent, but maybe I’ll give this a try. A little heavier and pricier than the Ardent, and spec’d slightly narrower, but the snakeskin and tread pattern are very attractive.

I also like this comment to the twentynineinches reivew:

Eli Says:
April 11, 2012 at 1:44 pm
I recently purchased some 29″ Hans Dampfs in the Trailstar compound combo. I haven’t ridden them yet as I’m waiting for a new pair of wheels first. However I am very impressed with how grippy the tread compound feels and VERY impressed with how thick the sidewalls are. Seems a little thicker than Ardent 2.4 and Mountain King 2.4, and substantially thicker than Stouts and Nevegals.

FYI, the 29er tire has only two options.

Also, the link above was to the 26 version. Here’s the 29er for sale.

Anyone have thoughts on whether to go with the Trailstar or Pacestar rubber?

Descriptions here.

I’m probably edging toward the stickier, but probably slower and less durable, Trailstar. I figure if I’m ever riding extensively on road I’ll switch to my Big Apple. However, I don’t ride particularly technical terrain, and lower rolling resistance with better durability is also attractive. But then, I don’t need to ride faster, especially where I’m trying to ride more with my son on his 24" wheel. . .
or maybe I should just go with the tried and true Ardent. . …

I love having problems like this. :slight_smile:

edit: I just noticed from the photo that the twnetynineinches write up was based on the Pacestar version. Doesn’t sound like they thought there was any lack of grip with that compound.

Best price I can find on the Hans Dampf (Trailstar version), with shipping, is $74.49. By the way, I don’t see any for sale in the Pacestar rubber, so my prior post may be moot.

The best price I can find on the Ardent, with shipping, is $56.94.

31% more for the Hans Dampf is seeming a bit steep.

I have seen the 26" version in person on the front of a girls bike I met at the bottom of Porcupine Rim Trail. It basically looked like a much more aggressive beefed up Racing Ralph.

The girl said that she mostly liked it but found it too grippy at speed on the rocks to the point where it wants to self steer. I offered to trade her for a Black Panther or a Bull Lock (which she actually looked at) but the sidewalls of the vredestein’s weren’t beefy enough for her liking.

I think it would be a great 29" MUni tire. Take the RR (which is lacking in the tread and sidewall department) and give it some serious tread and beefy sidewalls. Sounds like a winner to me.

Well, I had thought it sounded pretty good, but “too grippy at speed” might be a deal killer.

. . . just kidding. :wink:

I would jump on the wagon and get one, but I am knee deep in tires right now, so I gotta wear one out (29 Ardent) before I buy a new tire.

I really liked the Racing Ralph, still have one folded up on a shelf, it was lacking in casing stiffness and armoring, both of which they appear to have added in this new tire. If it’s as voluminous as the RR then it’s a worthy option.

As much as I like the Ardent, the are times when I wish it had 10-15% more rubber in the sidewalls.

Get the pacestar, the sticky version wears faast and once you expose the undlying be layer it is all but done, so you pay a lot for a tirthat doesn’t last long, this would be more of an issue on a muni that gets mileage like a 29er…

I’m tempted to pull the trigger, but I just bought a washer; my cycling clothes need a good washing :roll_eyes:

Yeah, I think I’ll go for it if I can find one in pacestar reasonably priced.

I found one in Pacestar for $71.99, shipped. I’ve loved every Schwalbe tire I’ve had, so couldn’t resist.

Look out when ordering these - many sites have confused descriptions, and I don’t think they’re very accurate in distinguishing which rubber is on the tire. The site linked above has both compounds, and at different prices (Pacestar is cheaper), so I’m pretty confident about getting the correct tire.

I’ll post photos and first impressions when I get it in a few days. However, it will probably still be another couple months before I can put it to the test on trails. I’m now back to riding my recumbent, but haven’t tried getting on a uni yet (riding is not the issue, it’s the dismounts I’m concerned about, putting too much shock on my still-healing ligaments).

Hey, before mounting the tire, see an LBS has an Ardent in stock so you can compare them. I’m curious if the sidewall is beefier.

There are no 29x2.4 Ardents in stock anywhere locally. I do know where there is a 29x2.25 - are the sidewalls the same?

An MTBR thread with pics and dimensions, meaured with a caliper on a narrow mtb rim, looks to be about the same volume as an Ardent 2.4 or an RR 2.4, but beefier rubber and casing. Now how can they do that and still be so close in weight??

So, we need a solid, subjective opinion comparing this tire to an Ardent, which has a thicker sidewall, more rubber, etc…

Well, at least you’re not expecting objectivity from me! :smiley:

I just got a new Hans Dampf in the mail.

Out of the box it looks very nice. My moderately solid objective opinion is that the sidewalls seem thick and solid. My calliper says they are 1.1mm thick. I don’t have a measurement for the Ardent to compare with though and it is mounted so I can’t get one now.

Looking at the treads the Hans (uninflated) is not as wide as my Ardent on a KH 37mm rim. The tread width on the Hans is 57.1mm where as the mounted Ardent is 61.1mm. Its a bit hard to compare an unmounted tire to a mounted one though.

Image below.


Can you press it flat on the ground/table and get a bead to bead measurement? I can compare that measurement with an RR 2.4 and Ardent 2.4

Can anyone take a sidewall thickness measurement for an Ardent? I don’t have calipers, though I probably need a set :roll_eyes:

In lieu of starting another “new tire” thread:

This is Duro coming out of the closet, so watch out!

Notice the Kevlar casing, this is the same type of construction as is found in the Devist8er 26 x 4", the beefiest fat tire made!

If Duro can do a 29 x 2.4 in 1000gm with the kevlar casing, it would be a solid tire for DH/FR and of course muni :slight_smile:

At $30, if I can find one of the Captiv8ers, I may just order one.

Ben, the other day I ran into this Origin8 Captiv8er listing on eBay. The tire is listed as a 2.3 but looks like a pavement and hardpack style tread; it could prove to be a higher volume alternative to something like a Small Block 8 for mixed use. The twentynineinches article you linked is from Fall 2010 so I’m not sure if they re-purposed the Captiv8er name on a new tire design or what.