New 26" Guni on UDC

Was a bit surprised to see this on the UDC site. Haven’t heard anything about it on here.

Do you think the lower location of the cranks would be an issue for you?
Keep your distance from the curb and don’t turn to hard I guess.

Definitely much greater risk of pedal strikes, especially when turning.

It’s been discussed a couple times. It seems intriguing to me, kind of like an inverted penguin (which I’ve always wanted).

Forget it :wink:

Oh wow, sorry, didn’t realize it’s over two years old!
Guess it didn’t gain much popularity. Carry on…

Useless… tested it at… useless for everything. You cant ride turns with it without hitting the ground.

That’s too bad, since the design is quite sound. They should have put the pedals in front of the axle.

@john buy one and make it the way you want

If you want to make pedals in the front then probably it is easier to build one from regular uni not modifying hunirex. Or at least it seems cheeper.

It’s doesn’t seem promising since the video on the site is like 75% falling off and a kid in a bike

Yep, that video is a great example of how NOT to advertise a product.

I have ridden one… didnt like it :frowning:

Having the pedals below the axle is going to make it very hard to ride. They would have been better off reversing it so that the pedals were above the center of the wheel. That would make it easier to control and avoid the pedal strikes.

Also not shiftable.