New 20" Tyre


Just to mention that we have just found a new tyre. It is a very large volume 20" trials tyre… not a 19" but a 20". It is made my Onza and is 20x2.4" and looks identical to the 19" version with it’s duel compound. When they arrived we had to check what it said on the side of them to know which was which!
This looks like a great introductory trials tyre.



why is it an ‘introductory’ trials tire, and not a trials tire?

edit: oh, i get it…because of the rim

looks very cool, and a great price too!

roger, have you heard of/thought about stocking Echo bikes/Zoo bikes (same make) trials tyres. they are quite hard to find on the internet and quite rare in this country i think i’ve found the uk importer people ( they look really nice, the moulding looks good, they are the same size as the montys and onzas and apparently lighter yet as strong/maybe stronger.

i’ve been planning to get one when my onza goes bald but that wont be for a while

just thought i’d let you know in case u didn’t already;)


Oh yeah, just noticed they have some rather snazzy rims for 19" trials tyres as well!


The cranks on that page look like they might be worth investigating, too.

yeah, all of their stuff looks good really. i’ve also heard from some trials bikers that echo makes decent parts so i think their worth a look.


Kick Stand for a unicycle

Whilst browsing Unicycle.Uk.Com, I found this…

Unicycle Kick Stand

Has anyone used one of these before?
I wonder how stable it would be.


Bah. I see it as no different then a bike stand. Nice bikes never have them. :slight_smile: Unecessary weight. The seat takes enough falls to make an occasional lean on a wall inconsequential.

I would agree, high quality. We have been talking to them for a few months now already. The problem is that they are very expensive, even at trade. The tyres were coming out at almost twice the cost of the Onza tyres.
They are a really nice company, very progressive and give a very good service, would recommend them.



oh well, is all of their stuff that expensive, the rims look great. is it just becasue they are a smaller company so dont produce as many so higher prices arise?


So am I the only one who can’t view that site? The front page loads, but as soon as I click a link the whole site freezes. Grr,


Is the outer diameter of the 20" tire larger than the 19" tire?