new 09 freeride 29

bought this uni bought 3 weeks ago, and i am learning that i would much rather ride a 24 in muni (i like more slow and technical) so here i am selling my near new (a few scratches on seat and pedals) 2009 KH 29 all stock except for the 47 MM freeride rim) i am NOT selling the brake but i will include a big apple 2.35 tire as well as the stout so asking price is 645 OBO

reason i am selling is because i recently got scammed by redmuni :angry: on his orange nimbus 24 so now im going to have to sell this to afford a new KH 24

i am also down for trades if anyone has a KH 24…

i know the picture sucks but i will have a better one up soon

oh yeah and has 125/150 cranks

price down to 600…payed 765 just 4 weeks ago…

Where do you live?

Edit: I missed the usa tag

southern california

no longer for sale thanks everyone!