Nerds That Unicycle...

no change.

There hasn’t been too much change for me. I’ve always been a nerd and also a geek and my i haven’t changed my friends since I started unicycling. Most of my friends are nerds/geeks too. (There is a difference between the two)

i am one of those kids dthat does random stuff.
i think i have lots of friends (im never lonely on a friday or saturday night)
havent lost friends but have gained some…

hacky sack
ultimate frisbee
and more

Lol none of those things would be considered random in New Zealand.

Any one else HATE riding infront of other strangers…
I hate it so much. I feel like if I do a trick or what not they’ll think I’m just showing off. So I usually just get off and stand there. It’s probably all in my head though…

I prefer to not do tricks when people are around, not because I think they’ll think I’m showing off but because if I mess up I’ll look stupid lol

Since i started unicycling nothing has changed for me really, i still hang around with the same people, im friends with everybody in my school year i dont have any people i dont like. I still get picked quickly for sports etc. And when all my mates found out i rode a unicycle i only got more respect off them. And as for not doing tricks in front of people, im the total opposite i love showing off what little skill i have :smiley: i.e jumping down a stair set or something. I always go bigger when people are around.

since ive started ive made some friends and lost some
from unicycling.
But alot of my friends have started unicycling (like 5)

Me too. And recently (for the past 3 weeks) the gas board have been digging up the road outside my house. It’s been agony. Luckily the weather has been terrible too.

I have no trouble identifiying myself as a geek and nerd, and most of my friends are the same to varying degrees.

When I’m out riding in public I don’t care about what people might think as I am having too much fun on the wheel to bother about negative reactions. If I mess up and do a UPD I’ll just shake my fist at the ground muttering “you win this time” then mount up again and ride on :smiley: The clue is to stop worrying about what other people think and concentrate on how much fun you are having instead.

I hate having an audience. I abhor being the center of attention among strangers, especially in the not-so-nice neighborhood that I live in. It’s easier when I have a friend walking with me, because I can talk to them and pretend that I don’t notice anyone else. But when I’m alone in public with my uni it’s excruciating, whether I’m riding it or not.

None of the friends I have have a strong interest in anything I like. We’re all different. So, when I say I uni or something…it’s like “cool, whatever”. It’s not a big deal and it’s not something I’ve lost or gained from.

I’m not extremely popular and go out rarely, but I’m ok. I feel like a lot of that junk fades away after high school. It did for me anyway. People quit caring about that stuff after a while and get more concerned with work, bills, kids, family…etc…no one has time to care about if someone unicycles. Sure, a stranger will say something stupid on the spot, but as far as friends leaving…etc? I’ve not experienced it.

if friends leave you just because they unicycle theyre not really friends anyway. a few of my friends think im stupid for unicycling but its funny how they still like to watch me. i think they just wanna see me crash really hard. :smiley:

people thinks it cool when i unicycle thats why my frend got one. everyone at skool or locals refer to me as “the unicycle guy” or “your that guy that rides that trycycle, (or sometimes they say that bike thing”" or your the one sho busks down in adelaide" and i dont even know some of these people.