Nerds That Unicycle...

I was one of the preppy popular kids before i started unicycling(when i was a skater), and ever since i started unicycling, its been really different with the kinds of kids i hang out with…mostly the not so cool(cool to me, but you know what i mean) kids in the school…Its like I’ve transitioned to one of the preppy kids to one of the nerdy outsiders…

I just wanted to know if you guys have experienced any other similar transitions…

I was wondering if its directly related to unicycling or what ever…

Your thoughts?

and its almost like the nerds are the ones who accept unicycling…and think its cool, and can get over the jealosy thing…

Its actually the exact opposite for me.

like how…deeper explanation…

Nothing has changed for me but i always hanged with “the nerds” not the actual weird looking nerds but the smart “nerds”


I’ve always been “on the outside” if you will… sorta just never really clicked with a lot of people… after elementary school most of my friends went away, since then I’ve only made a few friends and we are all really close… I started unicycling almost 4 years ago and nothing really changed… except that more people in my grade hated me than before…

i’ve always been a nerd, and made fun of, bullied, ect, so i guess i havent’ changed

that is sort of what happened to me. although i still hang with my friends that are nerds and my other friends. just not at the same time unless its at my birthday(which was so much fun that one of my friends actually asked me if i could throw his birthday at my house).

You may be finding that the social structure that seems obvious to those in a high school environment does not do well to explain and place things that are outside of common experience. What is it that makes you call people you are now friends with “nerds”?

the same things that make you and the rest of the portland list serve call themselves bastards… the need to sort ourselves into groups by common interests, personalities, etc.

I find that the “gangsta” stereotype usually make fun of me but everyone else thinks it’s kool. I’ve got a haircut for the first time in one and a half years a few weeks ago and it seems that lots of unicyclists have long hair :D.

Who cares what people think of your friends anyway? People call my friends emo no matter what lol. I doubt unicycling would change that.

Since Ive been unicycling I have: Made friends, lost friends, lost girlfriends, been hit on, been made fun of, been commended, toned my muscles, injured limbs, spent hours in the sun-rain-snow, spent hours behind my computer…

Id say that tho all of that has directly to do with unicycling it would have naturally occurred anyway.
Your question, UniDude, is more of a philosophical question which can only be answered by what you want to believe. What came first the chicken or the egg? Are we controlled by fate or free will? Did the unicycle make us who we are, or is who we are why we unicycle?

Anyone who is willing to spend 15 hours failing at something so silly, was always somewhat a nerd, or at least a dork. And surely devoting a lot of your life to one thing(punny) will bring out things you blame or thank that thing for. However you are still the same you, right?

Well. I guess my friend group changed a little. I used to hang out with my skater friends more in 7th or so grade. Then i sorta transitioned to my life long friends, the ones that ive really known for a really long while. Their like really smarter lol. A lot of people hate me a lot, and a lot sorta really like me as friends and stuff, and i can get along with a lot of people too. Idk, i have the tendency to flirt a lot aparently lol. So getting along with the girls isnt too bad, a few like me, havent ever had a girlfriend, and doubt my parents will allow me to have one atleast for another year, or 4 if that. A lot of people think that unicyclings really cool and stuff, the girls kinda get sorta like ‘omg omg omg’ lol… Yeah… I also get a lot of stares now when i go unicycling so… that changes how i act in town.

ive made more friends from unicycling, e.g. james, mark, jack, jamie and my friends either can ride now or want to. i dont think ive lost any friends from unicycling.

I’m the kinda kid that never really was on the ‘cool’ side. I mean, I was always good at basketball and soccer and what not, but I was never picked first or anything. I mean, I like for people to think I’m nice and I hardly have any enemies ‘if any’ but I don’t feel the urge to be popular. Now I only have a few good friends. (my unicycle included) :slight_smile:

This is a coincidence that I saw this thread tonight, because it was only today that I was thinking how I feel riding the unicycle has changed me in different ways, and I have only been riding for maybe a month.
I don’t think i’m a nerd or a popular person, but i’m not the sort of person that would talk to strangers in the street, but riding the unicycle has meant I have had to become more comfortable with talking to adlts and kids alike, as it’s not something they see everyday and seem to always have questions.
And also I wouldn’t have called myself fat before (105-110kgs/6’ tall) but I would be the first to admit that I wasn’t the master of stamina. Even riding my pushies I would sweat like nothing else and get tired easy, but I have noticed since riding the unicycle I want to be able to ride for longer at a time so I have been doing situps, pushups and what ever else I feel like doing at the time. Also it has changed my diet, I take notice of what I eat and try to cut back on take away and bought lunches and dinner, this, along with the riding and exercise I have lost about 10kgs and have a much better outlook on my lifestyle.
So wheather it was all planned out from day one or my spur of the moment “I’m gonna buy a unicycle today”, I have certainly noticed a change in myself from when I first got it.

Aww, how sweet. Didn’t you lot know that only nerds unicycle?

Still hang around with the same guys (non nerdy) but get random people come up to me and ask if i’m that guy who can 360 backflip on a unicycle.

Uhmm, I’ve always been friends with mostly everyone, geeks to skaters, and unicycling never really changed anything.

If anything, I think it would people better friends with skaters because they’d go riding with them more often…