HEre is my best video, has a nice stack at the end, please leave a comment on youtube.

Cant beleive I got beat out on using ronald as music for a vid. Nice job. Superb choice of music.

Very nice camera angles, i was impressed

that was awesome!

you are really good at gliding.

ouch that fall at the end looked like it hurt…
yeah nice glides though…

Nice video I like the variety. Your “bench fall” looks a lot like mine haha:

Yea it does, lol
Thanks for the feedback guys!!:smiley:

By far, your best vid yet.

Were you filming yourself glide @ 1:00?

Your fall is much cooler, you Ninja’d over the back of it and didn’t really hurt yourself.

EDIT: Suppose I should comment on the OP’s video.

Nice gliding!

Thnaks, yea I was filming myself gliding :smiley:

I like the technical aspects, the music and film/editting… but it lacks a personal touch. Most of it shows a wheel.

Thanks :smiley: I’ll work on the wheel thingy, But because i dont have a filmer i dont like to stray to far away from my camera :stuck_out_tongue:

That was awesome! Very nice job. I liked the close-ups on the feet and wheel while gliding. Very smooth.