Nejc Blatniks`s Trial Playgrounds

Hi everyone. Here is the latest of my edits and this one has trial flavour of my friend Nejc Blatnik. Hope you like it! If you do please let me know!
Have fun :slight_smile: !

really nice edit and nice riding, definately loved it :smiley:

I loved this video!!

Nice vid! I like the camera angles and the editing as well!!! :slight_smile:

Great job!

The riding was really good! And the filming and edit was also quite good!
Personally I think you had too many slider/dolly shots… You should try being more creative with you shooting and maybe have some more moving shots. As to the edit you should try to fit it better to the music.

Curious what camera you used?

EDIT: Don’t take this as a negative comment! I enjoyed the video, just wanted to tell you this stuff, so you can take it in mind in your next video :slight_smile:

Finally a good trials movie. I haven’t watched a good one since a while now.
Good edit and of course relly good riding.

Awesome video! got a lot of great ideas!I will get my 30 day trial of final cut pro when i get the acquired shot and try my hand at this =D haha great riding!

It is rather refreshing to see someone wear a helmet, its good to see.

Thanks for the useful ideas! I am aware that I had put in to much of dolly shots, so I definitely will have that in mind when shooting the next vid. And no, I didn`t took your comment as negative but rather as a useful piece of information ;). I am really thankfull fo it! :stuck_out_tongue: As it goes to the music I was sloppy when editing a bit :wink: I promise that the next video will suit your expectaions. I used Canon EOS 550d or a.k.a. rebel T2i with EFS 18-55mm.