Negatives of nimbus trials?

hey everyone, i’m thinking about getting my first unicycle, i’m thinking about doing trials and thinking about getting a nimbus trials. it’s about $320. is it worth my money? what are the negatives about this unicycle?

Great unicycle, except for the stock cranks which are plain bad. But you can always replace them with something better when you need to, the hub is ISIS.

The wheel is strong and the frame is good.

I have it with qu-ax cranks and plastic pedals and it’s great for street.

I have one and I love it.

The saddle is really nice and comfortable. However I currently have the Street Fusion on mine.

The whole unicycle is really strong. Pretty lightweight. Very comfortable.

About the cranks. I have the stock cranks on mine and I have found nothing wrong with them. They appear to be strong, the only thing I don’t like is that I’ve stripped them.

Hope this helps

I’ve had my nimbus trials for about 9 months now and i love it…

only things ive changed are the cranks(moments) and the M3T41 pedals it came with…

Also its upgradeable which is nice…

overall a really good uni imo

The frame sucks. If you plan to do any tech street at all, prepare to tear many pantlegs.

Tell me about it, ive had my nimbus frame 5 months and im on my 5th pair of ripped jeans.

Now, until i get a kh frame, i wera my KH amour over my jeans.

But, its a great beginner trials uni, i would definately recommend it.

would the nimbus street solve the pants ripping problem?

thats weird because ive had NO problems with ripped jeans. I think once or twice i had my pant leg get caught on the frame, but no rippage. Have you considered tighter pants? im not saying skinny jeans, but skinner is nice for riding, or if you have shin pads on the outsite then theres no problem.

Honestly though, the KH frame is awesome, but ill probably never buy one for retail price, way to expensive. Ive had no issues with my nimbus frame, what i really like about it is that it still as the threaded bearing caps, so grinding and stalling is a sinch…

Currently im riding a nimbus frame with a KH, 08 wheelset. ( but i got a good deal for it from UDC with the sponsorsip and work i did for pete). But before that i had a nimbus trials with moments, no problems!

  • Justin

I totaly Love my Nimbus Street frame! It helps with the pants thing too, allthough I only wear shorts.

rad, and how tall r u? cause im just over 5’ and my inseam i think is 28". it says they can cut the frame short. that is the uni i want to get! :smiley:

AEB sells the Nimbus

For about 170 $, and they ship very cheap.

I was surprised to find this, as I thought only UDC had them. AEB is sparse on details, but the picture looks identical to the 215 $ ISIS on UDC.

That’s not the trials, it’s the weird pseudo-street-freestyle thing that I wouldn’t really consider buying because of the frame.

I’m about 6’, the only Con I see in that frame is that the seatpost is 22.2, they tend to bend if you land the wrong way, but, It should be allright for you, and the tube is a little small for me. I’d like the frame to be 340mm instead of 300,


That is SWEET!

I don’t really like the udc logo on the rim but that’s very close to my ideal flatland uni!

This is the pic from UDC

That’s still the freestylish(but not really) thing.

And From AEB

I bought, along with a bunch of other forum riders, a KH 20 from AEB last year for 368 $ delivered. They are a reputable company, and often do sell good stuff at well under retail.

I am sure it would be a good idea to email AEB first, for one thing, they will often sell things for under advertised price if you ask.:slight_smile: They could tell you for sure if it was the ISIS model, etc.

UDC has an excellent selection, but except for sales, will charge you top dollar usually.


The pictures of the products are identical. I am not surprised by the AEB discount. IMHO they are the same thing, but email to be sure first.

My uni was a Nimbus trials at the begining, last year. The only original parts are the Hub, Rim,Spokes, everything else came after, ( Frame, Cranks,Seat/post, Tire ( try-all) pedals)

That’s still not a uni I would buy, and certainly not for trials.