Need you guys' help (videos included) and tips on rolling hops and also wrist pains

Thanks Aaron for the good advices. I’ll be doing that.

I got out yesterday and…it was BAD. The day before that I was on my 26" and I was very excited and energetic. I was rolling hop all over the streets and everything else that I could and it was great, 9PM had to go home because it was getting too dark. Yesterday, however, I don’t know why but I felt a bit empty and unenthusiastic on my 20" and it showed. I can definitely say that it’ll take quite awhile longer for me to be able to ride fast and jump. I just always get my feet tangled and get cold shoulders if I start riding fast and attempt to hop.

Maybe one of you good uni hoppers should do a tutorial video of the exercises that would help, it sounds interesting.

My own advice to those that are into learning rolling hops or general unicycling is that you should definitely try having more than one unicycle with a big wheel difference. That’s why I have a 20, 26, 36. If I feel uninspired or want to ride in a different way, I just switch wheels for a few days. I also find that when I switch unicycles, I end up learning interesting stuff that I can sometimes use on the other sizes. Like learning to do tons of bunny hops on my 26", I now have the muscle memory and power to do it on the giant 36" for extended periods waiting for traffic lights. Learning the rolling hop on the 20", when I did the 26" two days ago, I gained new height. I can probably jump the same or higher in my 26er than 20. Hookworm tire volume is great for jumping.

I also remember this video that was prescribed to A LONG while back. Slow mo motion break down of rolling hop.

Slow Mo Rolling Hop

Yesterday I got my TRY ALL Lite tire in the mail. Took one day to get here :smiley:
Can’t wait to try it out and see what kind of bounce it has. Can’t wait till the Eagle Claw comes as well.

Check out ‘RbF tutorial Jumping’

Here’s the one for jumping.

Yes, that’s the correct video. I reckon it’s the best jump tutorial out there.

Thanks Song for uploading it. I tried but wasn’t able. My computer skills are terrible lol!

Maybe Nate128 will let us know if it helped him improve.

Been resting for two days. My wrists started hurting again. Still need to work on loosening the grip on the handle. My left wrist is because I’ve been sort of pushing down a bit much when holding myself up for 360 flip. In other words, it sucks. It’s bothersome when I’m driving.

But yeah, thank you for channel, those guys really have nice tutorials. I downloaded a few for easier future watch. Will be practicing hard and figure out a good video editing software and show you guys what I can do hopefully by the end of this week. Will be putting your tips to hard work. I’m working on building me a jump bar made out of two sticks and a thin string (so I don’t get caught up on any bar and face plant) and breaking down the jump like aarons said. It’s so hard to ride fast and jump, especially exactly when I need to.

I’m getting my Eagle Claw this weekend and will try it out along side the Cyko Lite and Try All Lite. A lot of tire switching :smiley:

[B]I’m going to try to ask it in this thread before starting another one but:

Does anyone know if Monty Eagle Claw Pro 19" trials tire is out of production or not? I’m getting mix messages from sellers, some say it is, some say it isn’t.

Any direct comparison between the older heavier version and the light version?[/B]

Hi there

I also have been trying to improve my rolling hops and jumping height for quite a while… I think it is a slow learning curve… I only got my Trials uni in winter so I think it is a matter of being patient. At the moment I try to improve it from time to time and the rest of the week just get on with riding the 26 and 36 I’ve got. Not sure if I ever will get to do those fantastic rolling hops you see in youtube.

I did also used to get sore wrist when starting to learn hopping with seat out and rolling hops. Not anymore though. I just find them really tiring (get out of breath quickly if doing few continuosly) so I try to take easy… warning: got a bit too confident and greedy two weeks ago and somehow sprained my ankle when falling off the unicycle (I think I was trying to do seat wrap and my mind was somewhere else). Lesson e for myself: it is better to take it easy and try to learn slowly without getting carried away… Still waiting for my ankle to improve before I get back to the trials unicycle :frowning:

I have a the Pro Race. It is very different from the older Eagle Claw. I find it noticeably lighter with thinner sidewalls that make it fold over more. You have to be careful of your tire pressure to avoid pinch flats. It also has a very round profile, which makes if feel kind of hard to control at first, but you get used to it. The grip is not as good, but not bad either. And it is very bouncy. Personally I like it, but I have seen others complain about the thin sidewalls and round profile.

Aarons, where did you get yours?

I got it about a year and a half ago from TartyBikes and payed a lot in shipping to get it from the UK. I hope they’re not discontinued. I will need a new one soon.

I don’t know, seems like they’re still producing more Pro versions over there, but not in the U.S. Or maybe it’s a seller’s response so that we continue to come back? But it still confuses me when I ask sellers here and they say that they lost their supplier and will have to look for an alternative in the future, like the supplier went out of business or refuse to sell or something.

Went out and practiced rolling hop today on the 26. It was pretty sad at first but towards the end I sorta got it a bit more. Nothing mind blowing, disappointed. But once I nail this rolling hop, I’m going to celebrate with fireworks! The heavier 26" is killer on my wrist, but it’s easier to attain faster speed and therefore better with the forward momentum.

I am a bit considering resting for a month and no unicycling or only pedaling and no hopping around for my wrist to hopefully fully recover. I hope it does, the aching is a major kill joy. I think I’m just doing WAY too many rolling hop practices. 1-2 hours of constant rolling hops per day or every other day.

Yeah, they get addictive… Recently it’s been helpful to switch up my footing for hops, and to learn to transition directly from seat-in hopping to SIF riding. Vice-versa would be the next thing, I guess. I’ve just barely started to hop up onto curbs and over small objets on the ground. Anyway, if there are any of these skills that you haven’t tried, you might use them to add some variety to your hopping practice and possibly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury.