Need to buy my own uni

Alright, are you guys certain a 20" will do me well? I currently have that 20" cycle pro and it’d be nicer if the seat went about 2 " higher, or should I not even be worrying about the seat height?

brandscycle has a guide for height that says,

If you guys still think a 20" will be best then that’s it, but I feel like the cycle pro is too short.It may just be that the seat doesn’t adjust high enough.

Well I’m off to lollapalooza so I’ll check back on Monday. Thanks to everyone for answering all of my questions.

Seat height and wheel size should be unrelated. Get a taller seat and 20".

Another issue that you may be having is that Cyclepro makes crap unicycles.
Torker isn’t far behind, but it’s better than nothing.
(sorry Hazmat and others that are loyal to the Torker DX, one of the Torker models with which I have little experience)

Robot Dude, the general wisdom is to disregard that guide. Just 'cause you’re 7 feet tall doesn’t mean you should be learning on a 29er.

Alright, thanks. I’m ordering the 20" now off of Amazon.

lol. that doesn’t help us.
Which one? The cyclepro or sun? the torker? the nimbus? the KH, the Koxx? The brandless squid? the …

Ha. I ordered the Torker LX. The price was good and a while down the road I can upgrade to something nicer. It seems like this one should be perfect to learn on.