Need to buy my own uni

I got into unicycling a couple of weeks ago when I stole my friends basic cycle pro unicycle. Naturally he wants it back so now I need to purchase my own. Where can I find nice cycles? The one I’m borrowing seems fairly generic, and I’d like a nice one. I’m still learning and all I can do is ride in a straight line. I really have no clue in what to look for, so what are some good brands, and places to buy from?


where do you live. If you live in southern california the you should buy from for Canada
and for the rest of the world you can select you country.

what would your budget be ???
I think that a nimbus trials is a very good unicycle to buy!!!

get an ax torker here

Because they ship free, they have the best “at your door price” I know of for these uni’s.

Perhaps the very best of cheap square (cotterless) hub uni’s, the ax torkers are the very best of cheap unis IMHO.

Basically, they do everything they can to make it light as a feather, strong for a square hub, and dirt cheap delivered with stainless spokes, an alex alum rim and good tire, to your door for less then 200 $.

You need to spend a lot more $ if you want to do big drops (which really depends how big you are), but at 180 lbs. , my ax 29 seems to be doing real well in general (trailish really) muni.

I’m not knocking splined (expensive and a bit heavy) unis at all. Because an ax torker is so cheap, I think it makes a great choice if you want a general trail uni, and the price of a splined uni seems a bit high.:slight_smile:

The Unicycle Shop is also a place that you can pick one up at.

Not one person asked him what sort of riding he’s getting into…

For starting out I recommend a decent freestyle uni until you decide you want to start doing trials/street/muni or, sigh…grumble…commuting/distance/racing…

The reason for the freestyle uni is that it’s easier to learn the basic skills on and cheap enough that you’re not out too much in the beginning…
Go for the Nimbus X 20" or Torker LX if you’re low on funds(upgrade to shorter cranks on the LX)
Or if you really want to go crazy there’s the Koxx-1 signature, but that’s pretty hard to get from what I hear…

To buy unicycles there’s many, many more shops depending on where you’re buying from.

the best online shop i know is or if you tell me the state and town were you are i can probably find a bike shop near you that sells basic unicycle’s.

Thanks guys. I live in Ottawa, Illinois and will be doing mostly street riding. I’m looking to stay below or around $200, as always the cheaper the better but I don’t want to sacrifice quality. I really have no clue on what brands to be looking for.

I’d be up for assembling my own or any decent completes.

I’d go to UDC and buy a Black Widow. It’s in your price range at $245. I’d upgrade to some Moments or Sym’s later.The new Kris Holm’s are the best uni’s out their though.

UDC? Do you have a link?

Another thing. I’m just starting out and can only ride in straight lines so far. So I need something that will be easily for learning on. I can upgrade to a nicer uni when that time comes if necessary. Right now price is a big deal because I’ve got another kid on the way so i’m saving most of my beans.

Also what is a good size to go with? I’m 5’11" tall. Is Torker a good brand? I’m seeing a bunch of those and like them.


Just to specify, by street riding do you mean just riding around on the street or do you mean doing big tricks and jumps?

Tricks and such.

Just get a torker lx. Its a perfectly good begginer cycle. It will allow you to learn how to ride and do some tricks. If after you decide you want to do 7 foot drops or something than you can get a better unicycle.

I had a torker cx for 2 years before upgrading. Its good to get a begginer unicycle first because you can find out what style of riding you prefer. Theres no point spending 300 dollars on a trials unicyle only to find out that you really prefer distance or freestyle. Unless you know for sure you want to do street I woutld get an lx but if your sure i would get a nimbus trials ISIS. even tho its 45 out your price range.

O yea get a 20 inch unicycle:)


If you’re going to do street riding you still have to set a good foundation of riding skills or you will do poorly.

Good to hear, the Torker LX is fairly cheap. Why 20" though? That seems small.I was thinking 24".

A 20 is more manuverable(sp) and easier to jump with. If your interested in street you want a 20". A 24 is much faster than a 20 but it is alot harder to do tricks on one.

Alright, that makes sense.

I’d definately get a LX if you’re really on a budget.