Need some Trals/Street Pedals

What’s the best peddle for trials/street in your opinion, and why?

thanks guys

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oh yeah, cause i want peoples opinions from months and months ago…

i searched before i posted the thread.

got anything good to add to the thread yet?

jimmy c’s oddesey

Snafu’s are pretty good. The pins are really grippy and they’re pretty cheap. They’re probably best for trials but you can remove the pins for street.

Jimmy c fo sho sho, but some plastic odysee are really nice too. IF oyu can bust out a grind plate on a magnessium Jimmy C, that would be tight, or just remove the pins…but the weight wont make that side naturally go down…

nah uh there are uniremovable pins on snafus

i’ve got jimmy c’s on my muni and am loving them !

i might have to buy another pair then

snafus are removeable maybe you can buy em unremovable but they are advertised as removable pins check

Lol ya do, I have a pair on my muni and my trials. I have had a a few more pairs in the past, but metal does bend with enough force :smiley:

The Specialized Magnesium are very good for street and trial.
Light, strong and they have not to mutch grip for street tricks and enough grip for trial.


definately the best street pedal out there.

i used to ride snafus but they were a bit too grippy for street (not bad for trials and muni though) plus i destroyed the bearings and pushed out all the pins (which are removable) in like 3 months. if you are gonna do any pedal-grabbing or grinding on snafus make sure you remove the pins first otherwise they will come out and you wont be able to get them back in because the metal will be deformed.

jummy c’s all the way.


im getting a new uni, and it comes with butterfly pedals… dont know if they`re good… but i know xav uses them for street… the new uni is the koxx orange bud street … i cant wait

wow ur lucky! doesnt xav use plastics for street? i may be wrong.

im not sure what pedals he use… but i think he used the original butterfly pedals in unicon… on the orange bud