Need some info and advice...

I have made a couple of posts today inquiring about some 20 inch unis i was interested in. But I was doing some thinking today, and I have decided (I think… :thinking: ) that I am going to get a “touring” or “commuting” unicycle.

Here are my questions…

  1. Whats the speed differences between; 26, 29, 36?
  2. I heard that some cokers have weak frames, and that even little hops or drops can be bad. The cokers that Bedford Unicycles sells, do they have strong frames/hubs/etc? What can these cokers handle.
  3. How steep is the learning curve from a 20 inch uni to a coker, and/or 29?
  4. Can someone give me some links to some 29 inch and coker unicycling videos?

And it be appreciated if you guys could give me some advice on what i should get, preferabling unis from bedford. Oh, and I’d like to add that i am a pretty big guy, i weigh 195lbs.



i think how steep the learning curve is depends on 2 things

how good you are

how tall you are

edit use more informant subject lines

(need info or advice) doesnt help

you need to say “20 to a coker, how hard??”

or somethin like that

Re: Need some info and advice…

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 21:34:55 -0600, “unijuggler” wrote:

>i think how steep the learning curve is depends on 2 things
>how good you are
>how tall you are

And the third thing: your definition of “steep” when applied to
“learning curve” (a pet subject of mine).

You can ease the transition by putting long cranks on your larger size
uni, like 170 on a Coker and 150 on a 29’er. When you’re used to that,
move down to a more reasonable crank length.

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