Need Some Help(with 20 G tire).

Ok. I’ve posted a little bit of this in the Trading Post since that was where someone brought up the subject to me about it. It is for a BC and a BCuni if you would like to know. I have a couple questions that I would like answered.

1.Will a 20 G tire on a 20" rim fit in a Nimbus 2 24" frame?
2.Will the 20 G tire fit on a regular bmx rim?
3.Would a 20 G even be ok since I would be doing tricks with it and stuff or would it be to big?

That is all my questions on it for now but I might end up with more. By the way I would be doing stuff that compares to unicycle street and Riding in skate parks with it.

edit: added a question/added a few words

Yes Yes and Yes. Spencer and evan love it.

keep in mind I haven’t actually used it yet.

i’m going to go for it

Yeah, so don’t post an opinion.

The 20g is the exact same size as a trials tire, 2.5 . so fyi its not the 3.45 as advertised. Its not too big for tricks at all, i love it. I dunno about spencer. He put it on his uni and started hating his uni, he couldnt tell if it was his tire or 24" frame. Dammit spencer.

I like it. It is about as wide as a trials tire but just taller. It is perfectly smooth on the top but has little bumps on the sides so there is still traction on the ground. It is really bouncy at low psi.

It only just barly doesn’t fit my 20" frames. A long time ago Evan made me a frame but it was sharp on the crown so I didn’t like it. I just discovered today that it fits the 20G so I am painting right now and am going to cap the crown and use it.

Here are some picutures of the frame that fits, you can see there isn’t that much extra clearance on my trials tire.

When I am done painting that frame I will put it on my street uni with the 20G and post some pics somewhere.

How far is it to the crown from the bearing housings?

I am not sure. I will measure it when the paint is done. My bedford frame is too short by probably a few millimeters.