Need pedal help!

Ok, so I own a torker LX model, and I really like it alot, except for the pedals. So, I was wondering what you people think is the best pair of muni/ trail pedals that are $30 and under.

um. check out the mosh step pedals the mosh steps a are amazing $29 US and they are sealed!!! with lots of removable pins.

check out dans comp for other pedals.

i really like these pedals, in fact they are definately the ones i will buy to replace my current tryall pedals.

an if you looking at spendnig under thirty head down to the local bike shop and ask to see what they have. if your putting them on an LX and dont want to pay much money it seems foolish to take the time and order an ‘expensive’ pair of the net.

The bike shop should have a few different styles and generally they have the generic versions of each pedal styles, which work great and dont cost much, plus it doesnt matter if you ruin the thread on them if you bend the cranks etc.

i bought a generic pair from the bike-shop (due to unavailabilty of anything else) and they are great! and only set me back about 18 dollars

ah sorry under $30, yeah just go to the bike shop its easier, quicker and they’ll be cheap. Although i got a pair of Wellgo’s off UDC for £10 and actually they are better than my try-all that i currently have. But they are yellow so wouldnt go with the red/black theme :stuck_out_tongue: LOL