Need info on koxx uni's

Hi, im in a quest to find a new unicycle! (see my avatar for reference) I was searching high and low on all websites and ebay, I seem to have found nothing that suites me.
I found some certain unicycles, the kh at !!$500!!, and some parts that I could use to build my own unicycle. I am into street/trial, more trial than street, and i have been searching for a good unicycle.
Until a recent search lead me upon a koxx-one devil unicycle. (the main point of this thread) The price was at $395!! “wow!” I thought, I found a cheaply priced, low weight, and suiting unicycle!! Finally!
Now is where I get stuck. Im not comming into any money right now since i dont work until early june. But I was trying to decide upon this unicycle, or try and peice together something different. Also with my attempt at “building” a unicycle i would have to lace a rim.

      Any ideas or thoughts on what I should do? If you do please tell me, im in need of assistance. I just need help on how nice koxx-one is and what i should do for a unicycle. If you have better ideas of other unicycles, please post them and their prices. (my budget is $400, lower would be nice) It would be very helpful if you could help me in my journey towards a BETTER, HEAVEY DUTY, and INEXPENSIVE unicycle. thankyou!:D :D :D

That’s perfect for you :wink:

thanks! How strong are the cranks though?

You won’t break anything on this unicycle. It’s built like a tank. I did the same thing that you did to my first unicycle sorta. Except I twisted the axle, not the cranks. I can’t tell if you did that also by your picture. But, yea these cranks won’t break. It’s probably just as strong as the KH, but heavier. If you’re into street, you may want to order it specifically with 125mm cranks, opposed to the 145mms that it comes with. But the 145’s are great for trials.

ok! thanks!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: yeah, i bent my cranks after about 15 drops off of a picnic table, see my signature? rofl. Yeah, I just wanted something that could stand my stupidity on a unicycle;)

You might want to look at the Torker DX too. It’s about 100$ cheaper and should stand up just as well. It’s a tad heavier…idk my roommate has it. But I prefer the Qu-Ax.

kk! thanks for your help man! now i must be off to stumbling around on my junk unicycle and looking at other unicycles, thanks!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

DX - KH - Qu-AX
pretty strong - really really strong - strongest

sound good?
koxx is somewhere near the KH
it is debatable which is better.

im back, i found something in the order of the assembly for $255 good deal i think

quax cranks/hub assembly
Nimbus II frame
Nimbus trial rim
maxxis creepy crawler tire
marwi spokes
and a generic tube
I have all the other stuff as in; seat, peddles, seat clamp, and anything else

Why do you say that? how would you know if quax is stronger than KH? The kh cranks are much nicer in my opinion (shape and design).

cuz people have bent the KH
NOBODY has bent the Qu-ax as far as I have heard.
seatpost is the only thing to break.

Who has bent the new kh? I think I have heard of one person who has bent the quax. I dont remember off the top of my head but I could find it.

its because way more hard out unicyclists have the KH not the QU-AX, Well i think that is wht it is anyway:)

no, tons of Euro riders have it, and ride the crap out of it. That unicycle was inspiration for the DX, thats why the DX is decent. the Qu-Ax has been bent once… the KH has been bent a few times 2 rims and a crank or two, but that said, the stuff that did it was stupid, not reasonable at all. don’t worry about it, the chances that you will get THAT good are slim to none.

Nah you could just do something really stupid …

Don’t try to lace and true a wheel with no experience or help, it will only lead to pain and suffering. Listen to these guys and get a DX or Qu-ax or something.

I don’t know if you’ll be able to lace a qu-ax hub on a nimbus rim because the Qu-ax hub is for 48 spokes (don’t know about the rim though)
You might want to take a look at it before ordering

I have seen pictures of two pairs of bendet cranks. From the new kh cranks I never have seen a bendet one (only one guy write something like this in the forum but without pictures I dont believe it).

But in my opinion they are both at the same strength but the khs are lighter and better for flatlandtricks.

I have the Qu-ax cross and ive done 4 ft drops and the cranks havent bent or made noises, i like my qu-ax cross alot and its only $207.00

You won’t bend either of them.

The Qu-Ax cranks are a lot heavier than the KH cranks. The whole unicycle is heavier…