need help

first off im 6’ 5’’ and 250lbs. i bought a torker cx 24’’ cause i figured it was cheap and i wanted try uniing out, every time i get on the wheel kinda bends. i have the tired pumped up like intertube says but i think i just weigh too much for the wheel. what kind of wheel could i use in place of the one that came with it?

Do you mean the tire gets a little flat? If so then it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re not bottoming out (riding on the rim).

You could just replace the wheel but the CX is a pretty flimsy unicycle and you are a pretty big guy, not the best combination. I would not be surprised if one day it just implodes and crumbles to dust beneath you.

Unfortunately all the cheap unicycles are cheap for a reason and you have to spend a fair amount more for a unicycle that can stand some abuse.

Now that you have spent a bit of time on the CX hopefully you have a feel for the wheel size and know if you want to go bigger, smaller, or stick with a 24 for now.

I am starting to feel like a broken record but if you want to stick with the 24" size the 24" Nimbus II would be a good starting point. Very strongly built unicycle that should be able to take quite the beating. If you are planning on going down trails and offroad I would suggest paying the extra $45 for the MUni version which is the same frame matched to a wider rim and tire with stronger cranks.

Don’t be afraid to go with a different size though if you feel you would learn better or get more use out of a different wheel size. I think it is important at your weight to get something with a splined (ISIS) axle and a double walled rim even if you don’t plan to hop, drop, or go offroad.

the cost of a good wheel is 70% the cost of a good unicycle -you should look for a better Uni and keep the other one to get others to learn.

What’s so ‘broken’ about a good uni at a great price?