Need help with SIF riding

i’m trying to learn to ride SIF. is the best way to learn to ride along, stand up on pedals (keep going) and pull the seat out? i tried that but it’s too hard to get the wide back end of my seat between my legs.

if i try to start with it already in front, i put my foot down to start and it leans that way. help!

Me too. I need help with this one. I find it REALLY hard to keep the seat from rocking back and forth if it’s not firmly held between my legs. I can stand up off the saddle and ride OK.

Try riding the seat tight against your body at first, as you get better you can hold the seat out further.

To get the seat out I slide my feet back on the pedals so I can use “tippy toe” to get some additional crotch clearance (can I say that here?).

This may help. Im making alot of progress by using this format:

  1. Stop in a horizontal hopping position.
  2. Pull the seat out(maybe lower it a bit to get started)
  3. Rather than one hand use two and dont pull up on the seat for now mush down.
  4. Support all ot your weight on the seat with your hands and as little as possible on your pedals.
  5. Try riding away
  6. Be prepared to fall alot and i recomemnd some leg armour too.(atleast for learning)


i learned to hold the seat as stiff as possible and it helps a lot

thankies, especially to trials_uni. i’ll go try that now …

If you can static mount, mounting SIF is pretty easy. All you need to do is put all your weight on your hands (instead of your bum) holding the back of the seat next to your body. Then do a static mount.

I personally started using a SIF rollback mount, because I, too, was having trouble pulling out the seat. After I learned SIF that way, then I went back to learn how to pull the seat out while riding. It was a lot easier then.

At times I still have some troubles pulling out the seat, but what works best is leaning over more, and crouching a little so that I can widen my knees. Pulling the seat with two hands helps too.