need help with crankflips

is there any good tutorials for the crank flip? i still don’t get how to do them :thinking:

hope someone could help

need help with crankflips

i think you should search on youtube, there is some tutorials, and maybe a crankflip tutorial

good luck!:smiley:

you’re welcome:)

the biggest problem i had with the above tutorial was breaking the habit of doing zero plants. once i was finally ready to begin trying true crankflips my front foot instinctively went back and landed on the ground. the most important part for me when learning them is that you have to jump up, not out. if you try and jump out the unicycle is going to go in the complete opposite direction. jumping up while riding at a nice even pace will help you keep the unicycle underneath you. after you’re able to jump up and kick the cranks so that they’re spinning a full flip(lean forward right before you jump and put a lot of pressure on the front foot then as you jump try to kick down and out) then you just have to get the balls to keep your feet up and land on the pedals again.

hope that helps some

i dont get how it says to kick is it kicking down? i can kind of do the zeroplant and now doing on a object. but i think i am letting the uni roll out of me instead of kicking. any tips?

i used to do the same thing. you’ve really got to break it down into steps.

  1. ride forward at a nice steady pace
  2. when your pedals reach your desired position lean forward over the uni and place a lot of weight on the front pedal.
  3. jump as straight up as possible and as you do keep the pressure on your front foot.
  4. because of where your weight is and that you are jumping straight up your front foot will push the pedal down as you leave the ground.
  5. lift both your feet up and out of the way, wait until the cranks flip a full rev, spot the pedals and try to land back on them

at least that’s how i do it and it works for me.

does a lower saddle help to do it? yeah leaning forwards help the uni to stop rolling out from under you.

a lower saddle will help with the kick because you’ll have more room to stand up without the seat touching you. but too low a saddle could make it much harder to do. my seat is low enough that when i’m standing up on the pedals i have about 2 inches of clearance between me and the seat.

I found, if the seat is too low it can hurt your hands if when kicking/landing 2-handed crankflips. Once you start using one hand, you’re sweet.

what are 2-handed crankflips? is the one in the video a one hand?

I found it easier at first using 2 hands to pull up when kicking. Now i only use 1 hand though.

two handed crankflips are where you hold the handle with two hands, fairly self explanatory. Just ride jump and kick the cranks land ride away.:o

what landing foot should i use on the zero plant?

hey everyone i just learned crankflips, and found that if you jump up, not out, and commit, theyre easy.

Now i feel pretty special, and I wonder if someone has some type of estimate as to how many people can consistently crankflip. Under 1000 maybe?

need help with crankflips

If your doing SM shoulder pads, putting a little knick in the top or bottom can help it from creasing on the edge.

I learned crankflips with a higher seat, I just kick and keep the unicycle under myself by holding it on my bum and pull my legs up. That’s how I landed my fisrt Crankflip. I still can’t do the Zero Plant but I can crankflip easily now.

My process for learning crankflips was to first learn to land, and only then learn to do the full flip. My advice is to just do a rolling no footer, let the cranks spin as much as they would like, and then just land. You might think that it would be a problem that your pedals aren’t in the same position you left in, but it’s not, you just aren’t committing ;). Once you learn to land these rolling no footers/semiflips/whatever, it should be fairly easy to learn the full flip, as you already know how to land. I think that having this approach also helped me in the future, since I think If I would have learned the flip then the landing I wouldn’t commit to things as quickly, and it would have slowed down my learning curve.

Remember, just be a man and land it :). There’s no excuse, all you have to do is jump, take your feet off the pedals, and put them back on. It’s very simple to do, and it makes crankflips very easy as soon as you get the full flip. Besides, it’s a lot funner to practice that way because that way you actually stay on the uni the whole time, you don’t have the discouragement of always coming off the uni. Instead, you think “I may not have landed a full crankflip, but at least I landed something” :).

Yah I decided to take your advice about the rolling no-footers, at first I was leaning back because I didn’t want to commit. After almost getting it. I decided to commit fully and be a man, unfortunately I missed and I feel if I keep this up I won’t be a man much longer. :frowning: Ha ha thats okay, I think your advice is really good, in fact it makes it so you can skip the zero plant, and you won’t have a nasty habit. You should make a crankflip tutorial.

When i kick the cranks they only spin about 90 degrees!!

Any helpfull tips to kick the cranks? :slight_smile:

Kick out, not down. Its the same idea as a kickflip if you’ve ever tried one. Jump forward more than you think you’d need to.