Need help picking!?!

I have been unicycling for a month and i finaly saved up enough for a new uni. But im stuck i have been eyeing a Custom K1 with:

  1. k1 Black Frame
  2. try all Black Rim
  3. Red Rim Strip
  4. k1 Red/Black Seat
  5. k1 Red seat clamp
  6. Try all Black Reinforced seat clamp
  7. Black Pedals
  8. Black Tire.
    =$450. shipped

Buuuttttt…On UDC i found the Nimbus 20-inch Trials Cycle with ISIS hub (Black). And it comes with a KH Street Saddle and i can upgrade to KH moment for $30.00
=$350. shipped

I was just wondering what the best choice would be…im new to this stuff so i kinda need help and either would be a great upgrade from my Sun FT 20"

AND! i dont know what size cranks would be best for me im 5’5 and the choices are 125mm or 137mm.


Id go nimbus ISIS with the 137 moment cranks. Thats what I had :slight_smile:

Koxx is overpriced…

THanks, what about quality of the two?

And what you ride now?

Nimbus Street uni…

You dont get all the funky colors and stuff for the Nimbus, But its better investing an extra 100$ in a new set of pedals or a Carbon fiber base and so forth.

Go Nimbus!

Is there any substantial weight differance or problems or weaknesses that the nimbus has?

Oh yea and what about crank lenth?
And whats the advantage of a CF base?

Im a noob at all of the unicycle stuff.:smiley:

Nimbus Unicycles have 25.4mm seatpost diameter, Koxx-one have 27.2, A bigger post, ( Koxx) Is just beefy-er. Substantially, no, Nimbus might weigh a wee bit more, but nothing noticable.

Crank length would be preferably be 137mm if you intend to do trials. 125mm if you want to do street.

CF Base Is About 200g. Lighter, and alot stiffer. I would reccomend buying a CF base Only if you break your plastic base.

The deal i like about the nimbus at UDC is that the KH cranks are only +30.00 and it comes with a KH Street Saddle. We will see what else i sell…:stuck_out_tongue: i have been selling all of my useless unused stuff to get money. But the K1s are so cool looking i know its not all about looks, its about performance, but they do look good

i do agree, either way uni’s are expensive, gonna wait for this stimulus package thing for when i get mine.

ill probably get a nimbus II or if i get more money from doing stuff ill for a K1 origional or devil flight, both look fully sick!