Need Help - Hub Rub

Hi, I have had my radial 36 for a few months, enjoying it greatly. However a problem has come up in the last few days - there is a rubbing in the hub. Some resistance, it comes and goes. Twice it has come surprisingly quick and strong enough so that I fell off - major drag. When its at its worse you can hear it grinding a bit.

I have taken it apart a bit and looked around but didn’t find anything too suspicious…a tiny bit of grit and rust makes me a bit nervous. I don’t have a crank puller to get in deeper.

I plan to take it into the shop this week, but of course they have never worked on a uni before, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Guessing I might need new bearings?

Could be bearings.

Bearings are normally pressed on. Do you have any spacers keeping the bearings in place?

I got mine for a bit under $15 at the LBS. You should get all your own tools and learn to do it yourself. As you have already realized a lot of b*ke mechanics don’t know how to work on a uni. (I just added a tourque wrench and 8mm allen socket to my slowly building my tool collection.)

Sorry I’m no more help on this.