need help for building ramps and grinds!

Hi, and sorry my bad english:o:o

I want to build some grind reils and little ramps for my unicycle.

Thanks for tips:D:D:D:D

Are these sizes good?
how expensive it vill be if i do ramp like this?

Your gonna build halfpipes for a unicycle?

yer sorry to burst your bubble :smiley: But you do realise its kinda hard to ride a unicycle on a halfpipe since you can sorta jump off the top if you see what i mean? :thinking:

yer i dont think is it possible to use a unicycle on a half pipe.

only thing i can thing of is using a BC wheel on a half pipe;)

lol that would be fun but you might beable to im not sure. I suppose you would have to be really good though :roll_eyes:

once i ve trye to go half pipe whit unicycle, and that was fun :wink:
Kinda hard but fun…:smiley:

:smiley: well i suppose you can drop in and stuff but i’d think it was a waste of money unless you do bmxing or skating as well because the lip at the top is like hard to sorta jump;) But its your choice.

Ok, now i think that is insane to do that ramp :roll_eyes:

:stuck_out_tongue: Well i have like 2 mini plastic ramps and there good for rollbacks and pedal grabs(i can nearly ride up it and jump of the top. There the sort of ones you get in argos and places like that.:smiley: