Need help designing RTL team jersey!!

OK, so here’s the deal. My team desperately needs help creating a team logo for our team jerseys we hope to have made for Ride The Lobster. If anyone has the extra time and talent to throw something together for us we’d really really appreciate it. uniproshop is helping out by sponsoring the team by providing spare parts, discounted Cokers and etc. This means that whoevers design we pick, you will get something for helping us out. I do not know what this something may be but it’ll probably be discounted prices when buying stuff from uniproshop in the future. Or something else like a free defect dvd…I’ll contact whoevers design wins and we’ll work something out.

So this is our idea for our team logo. It needs to say West Coast Cokers as that is our team name. Then we were thinking of having a guy riding a Coker riding the barrel of a wave. Should be pretty simple for any guys that have an editing program and knows what they are doing. I’ve included two sample pictures below. You can use them, or if you can find or come up with better ones we are open for suggestions but really do like the idea of a guy riding a Coker in a barrel of a wave.

Thanks in advance to anyone that gives it a go. Our unicycle community rocks!


Here’s the other picture but as I’m looking at them both again, I think it’d be best to get a better wave that’s more of a barrel and doesn’t have a boat in it, and maybe a better uni picture so it looks more like a guys riding a Coker…


If your team is an all California team maybe put a little Cali look into the jersey, like maybe some palm trees with the sun and maybe a ocean / Huntington beach boardwalk type look.
A Calif look with a unicycle on a surf board ridin the waves

Do you want the whole logo to be a sillouette design like the second image, or kind of colored and textured like the wave picture?

Another excuse to do some unicycle drawing. Sweet.
here’s my attempt:


Either Or, whatever looks best!

Not bad! Thanks! We’ll see what else comes up…

Another idea for people would be to have the West Coast Cokers wording look similar to the West Coast Customs logo? As long as it’s similar and not identical I think it’d be OK.

Looks good


Not my team or anything, but your design is awesome. If it were my team, I’d want that, but without the cartoony-font “WCC”.

Thanks. Yeah, cartoons are what I do for a living so cartoony aspects tend to creep into most of my work intended or not, but thanks for the feedback.

How do you make these? do you like draw them with the mouse or do you have some other kind of software and tools and stuff? I saw what you did for the unicon logo and was realy impressed with that also.

Sorry for the thread jack :o

Thanks sp4rky-m4rky
I do the images in Flash using a Wacom drawing tablet. Sometimes I’ll do the drawing on paper first then trace it in flash, but normally I just do the drawing directly with the tablet.
I have the older model, but same idea.

aww thats such aa nice tablet, mines ghetto. Nice stuff man

that is a pretty sweet image. you get my props for it.

I think that is awesome! Can we use it?

Thanks Munivision,
Yeah, if you guys want it you can use it for sure. Whoever is in charge of getting the jerseys made can PM me and we can sort out details.


Don’t know if you saw my thread about our shirts, but I ended up finding a place that does bike shirts fairly inexpensively and fairly quickly. (Most custom bike shirts are in the $70+ range, and have a minimum order, and take 6 weeks). is $50ish, no minimum, and takes only a couple weeks.

Thanks for all the info and help guys! If anyone is working on another design please submit it today or tomorrow, otherwise it looks like we might go with the sweet design asthian came up with!

Thank you asthian for helping us out on this! We placed the order for the jerseys today!! As a thank you, we ( would like to give you something. Jim had mentioned that you might be interested in a DVD? Please either PM me or reply via this thread and I’ll send one to you. Defect or Universe II? I’d recommend Defect if you don’t have it…

Thanks again! You’re a life saver and uniproshop will remember you!!

We’ll be using your logo on the front of our jersey and this is what the back will look like: