Need email address - Caltech Juggling Club


In my efforts to round up unicycle riders for the first ever Greater Los Angeles Unicycle Roundup, I have been contacting Juggling clubs around Los Angeles - figuring that some jugglers also uni.

I just sent out some emails to members of the Caltech Juggling club and they all came back with “this email address unkown”. The addresses were obtained off a list of juggling clubs for California.

Any jugglers out there that know anything regarding this club?


their website is still maintained, they made it onto the budget last year and they were mentioned earlier this year , so i’m guessing someone will be able to come up with some info on them

Re: Need email address - Caltech Juggling Club

I don’t know about Caltech, but don’t forget the riders at their
crosstown (one-way) rival, Harvey Mudd College. I learned to ride at
HMC. See for contact info.