Need advice on 20" Nimbus Trials

I’m ready to buy my next unicycle today. I’ve been practicing hopping on my 2007 24" DX but the fact that it weights 100lbs has been kind of annoying me, so I’ve been planning on buying a 20" Trials. I’ve settled on getting a 20" Nimbus with 137mm moment cranks and the KH street saddle (unless someone can provide a good argument for the 125 venture cranks, and I’ve used the nimbus gel on a 29er I owned and don’t have any complaints but figure I’ll mix it up), but I have a few questions:

1.) What’s the difference between the Signature and the regular, aside from $10? What I can tell: black spokes, white rim? I like the red color of the signature more, and I figure that cinches it, but figure that’s it, unless someone can shed more light on the differences…

2.) I’m not getting a KH20 simply because I am beginning my venture into trials and I figure if I break the Nimbus I’ll get a KH20 at that point. Can anyone argue AGAINST getting the Nimbus? All in all it’s only a $150 or so price difference between them, but the impulse buyer in me just wants to get it now now now. Can anyone convince me otherwise? If the KH20 came in red I’d be more inclined, since my DX is red I feel like I want all my unis to be red…

I’m definitely going to order it today, so any input would be appreciated. I’ve browsed a bunch of threads (which is how I settled on the 137 moments when originally I thought the 125 ventures would be fine…) I’ve bought a 29er Nimbus from UDC in the past and aside from a tube/tire snafu, was totally satisfied with it.

I did some better searching, and this thread is unnecessary. I was going to delete it, but it looks like I can’t. Sorry all! You can safely ignore this unless someone really wants to argue in favor of a KH20 instead of a Nimbus 20".

A few weeks ago I was in the same position as you and was planning on getting a Nimbus trials when UDC lowered their prices on KH unis, which brought the price of a KH20 to within $110 of the Nimbus configuration I was looking at. The extra money gets you the KH frame, wider rim, slick looking hub with aluminum flanges, and an extra set of pedals (the KH comes with both Odyssey metal and plastic pedals). It’s by no means cheap but if you think you’re going towards a KH20 eventually and can afford it now, I’d say go for it.

I already ordered the 20" Signature Nimbus, but no big deal. I didn’t notice that the KH20 came with two sets of pedals, which kinda makes me wish I had got one… but there’s always the future! It seems inevitable that I’ll end up breaking a uni, so no big deal really. I’ll be plenty happy with the Nimbus I am sure.

Yep, by all accounts the Nimbus trials unis are great. Enjoy your new uni!

Yep, by all accounts the Nimbus trials unis are great. Enjoy your new uni!

Hey Studyparker :slight_smile:

You made a good choice! Both KH and Nimbus unis are good, but KH is probably stronger and better. For beginning trials, your Nimbus should bring you plenty days of good riding! I sold my old yellow Nimbus 20" trials last year–had been riding it for about a year & 1/2 and all the kickup mounts I did have messed up the cranks/axle, but sold it cheap on ebay anyhow. That one was before the nimbus came out with isis. Now I’m fixing to get a new nimbus…I like the Gremlin White but everyone says I should go with my other choice–the Gremlin Black (which sold out over the holidays!). My only complaint for KH trials–why do they all have to be blue? Color is just important to me as the quality. Hey, if we’re dropping hundreds of dollars on a uni, shouldn’t we have a choice in style? lol

Yeah, when I eventually get a KH I’m assuming I’ll have enough money saved up that I’ll just take it somewhere to get it repainted red if I am still on my “all my unis should be red” kick. When I get a 36er I am probably going to have to get the frame repainted if I still have that bug up my ass…

Can anyone tell me if it’s going to be easy to pull all the UDC stickers off my new Nimbus? I was always kind of annoyed that my Nimbus 29er came with advertisements plastered all over its lovely chrome, but I was too concerned with chafing the chrome to try to peel them off…

i disagree with it being a “beginner” trials. sure, it can of course be used as a beginner trials cycle, but i’m definitely no longer anywhere near beginner, and all of my nimbus are holding up more than i expected. even after several horrid sidehop drops with no rollout and bottoming out my rim hundreds of times the wheel is still almost perfect. (though on 1 nimbus[the oldest and most used] one of the hub flanges is barely bent.) i also disagree with the kh being stronger. it’s just lighter(much lighter).

i highly doubt you will ever deal with frame/hub/rim problems.

the only major problem i have dealt with is spokes breaking. but as my wheel maintenance skill rises, i’m dealing with less broken spokes. so definitely be sure to check your spokes after EACH ride.

i have 5 20" nimbus trials(2 signatures) and love em all. oh, i also weigh 180.

Chrome is one of the easiest surfaces to get stickers off of since you don’t have to worry about softening the paint with chemicals. Use Goo-Gone, gasoline, WD40 or whatever you want to dissolve the glue and they come right off.

The longer you leave stickers on things the harder it is to remove.