Need A Solution: Broken Seats...

Well, I broke my last kh seat, that’s my 3rd il like a week. I have snapped Myaita and torker saddles also. Its kinda a bummer because I have no money for a carbon fiber base. I got some steel to make my own base but I am beginning to think that is not going to work as well as I had thought. People have told me to get a viscount, but those you have to mod to get a handle on them and I think its very possible that I might bend it. Here are some questions about carbon fiber:

  1. Does it fatigue like metal and plastic?

  2. If it flexes does that damage it at all?

  3. How many people have broken the carbon base available on unicycle. Com?

Question about viscounts:

  1. They look shorter than normal saddles, are they?

  2. How often do people bend them?

  3. If I am breaking kh saddles at the rate I am, am I likely to break/bend a viscount?

Random questions:

Who out there likes reeders?

Does anyone out there own a S. Wallis CF base? If so how do they like it? How does it compare to the base available on

Am I likely to break a gb4 plate in a myaita saddle?

thanks again,

The Most Annoying Poster- Evan Byrne

viscounts are longer than the average seat.


But not too much. A Fusion cover will still fit them.

i bent a GB4 plate in my air seat once. i landed a missed bail on like a 4 stair set on the reeder handle. a little bending and the seat was back to normal. i highly doubt you can break a GB4 plate.

Perhaps the solution to your equipment problems is to improve your technique, not the equipment.

I have been riding on stock torker DX saddles for years, and on my trials I have the qu-ax seat, and I’ve never broken a thing. I did bend the seatpost once on a bad crash with a six set. And my muni DX seat is starting to flex, but after two whole years.

I’ve only screwed up one KH seat, and that was completely my fault…I didn’t tighten the bolts often enough, and didn’t replace them soon enough…although the seatbase isn’t the strongest in my opinion, I ripped a bolt through it and stripped one out. What are you breaking on the seats?

I have a wallis carbon fiber base. I’ve had it for over a month, and I’ve really liked it! They’ll cost you. But I’d say it’s worth it in the long run.

Lighter, stiffer, and stronger. I don’t notice any flex in it at all. I make sure that my bolts from my Thompson are tight.

You can get grippies for sif. I’d recommend getting them.

I have nothing to compare with, though. I haven’t tried any other carbon bases.

I’m pretty sure scott’s assembly/treating method is different from those bases on

go to here and e-mail him with any questions you have. He does have a waiting list. I’m not sure how long it is right now.


P.S. I hear that those who’ve broken carbon fiber bases, it was either a design flaw, or from going way too big (maybe also bad crash/technique). I think Zack B. did a 12ft to flat, and broke his base, and did damage to other parts as well. Ryan’s broken some, as evidenced by his older gallery. But, I do know that Ryan and Zack have their own means getting a Thompson to attatch to a carbon fiber base without rails. Never know if there were some initial design flaws/failures by doing that.

It’s not that complicated. I’d explain it, but a picture would be much better. It’s harder ont he cf base and seatposts, however.

The CF in these seatbases doesn’t flex. You don’t bend it, you crack it. If it does bend, it’s toast.

Never heard of the cf in these bases fatiguing.

You should improve your technique.

I’ve got a SW base in the mail, and from what I’ve seen they’re as good as they come. However you have to have a frame with at least a 25.4mm seattube and a thomson post.

I have a question about my CF base so i think this is a good place to put it. Right now i have mine drilled for a normal seatpost (not miyata) but if i ever wanted to change my seatpost and i drilled more holes in it would it be weaker? Would it be any stronger if i got a gb4 universal seatpost and used the holes for KH and miyata seats or would it not make a difference?


I think it will be a little weaker but i dont think you will notice.

Bevan,flyer, forrest,

I cant afford to go thru normal seats just to improve my technique. if i get a cf base i wont have to change my technique and also wont break another base.

The bases can also be used with the Primo rod, which comes in 22.2

Heh, iv got one. YAY

I think you’ll really enjoy it. I broke one KH seat, and cracked areas of a long-ago miyata

So, it was my first time going cf. I’m never going back. It did take a while getting used to. “What? No flex? Less weight? Stronger?” I also wasn’t used to riding with so much less foam (which I wanted to get rid of most of that foam thickness), and less curve (which is better in my opinion, because I tilt my seat), and a deeper base with more to grab onto (and thanks to sif grips) than my last base.

By the way: What if I scrapped my foam for gel? Can I get a piece of the gel in the Koxx/KH gel seats? Would it add any weight?

It will weigh more than foam but not by much, no you cant buy just the gel in the koxx seat but you can go to walmart and buy a bike seat cover for 12 bucks and rip out the jelly and put it in your seat.

The ultimate solution…RIDE WITHOUT A SEAT.

I think this guy is on to something.

i’ve seen a couple bikers go that. they get crazy big arms, and often ride in funny positions.

Its called trials.