Need a new 29er tube, what should I get?

Title says it all. It seems that 60 PSI at 35 degrees increased too much with recent weather fluctuations, and now my current tube leaks air as fast as my pump puts air in it. Which tube should I get? Will use the 29x2.2 Kenda Nevegal tire.

Go to a bike shop and ask for a tube for a 29er mountain bike.

Oh, and if they don’t have that, you can stretch a standard 26 inch mountain bike tube and make it work.

Call the local bike shops and find one that stocks a proper 29er tube with the valve type (Presta or Schrader). Not all bike shops stock the 29er size tubes.

You can also order 29er tubes from Schwalbe. But you’ll need to order 3 or 4 at a time to meet the minimum order requirement. Order the AV-19 for Schrader (car tire style) or SV-19 for Presta (road racing bike style). As a bonus the Schwalbe tubes can be used as a lightweight Coker tube.