Need a bounchy 20 inch tire

I have a 20 inch trials that I hate. The tire seems so hard. Its a try all sticky and says soft compound hard rebound. Whats the bounciest tire I can get 20x2.50?

Thanks for all comments.

Here this may help. I think they decided that the try-all sticky was best overall.

How much air pressure are you using? If your tire is pumped up to the recommended pressure labeled on the sidewall it will not be bouncy.

I agree with davidp, you should play around with tire pressures until it’s bouncy enough. The Try-All Sticky tire is a great trials tire, and definitely one of the most bouncy available.

do you have a 19" trials rim
or a 20" rim?

if you have the 20" rim onza sticky fingers seems a good bet. I believe its to make a 20" rim into a trials like uni.

is also available for 19" rims

but if you have the 19" many many options

He’s got a Tria-All, so it’s really a 19"

Gary, lower the pressure gradually untill it get’s too squirmy, you hit the rim, or get pinch flats, then raise it back up a bit.

Will prob be ~ 20 psi + or -, depending on your weight, how big of drops you do, and if you hop on hard cornered rocks or not.