Need 24x3 tire

Try giving him a call as I know he still has some left. His number should be on the website.

Nice quads! :o

Well, it would make sense to get something that is a little less bulky and a little longer lasting than a Duro, in which case the High Roller DH 24 x 2.5-2.7 would make sense. Get the non sticky version if they offer it, 60a, that will make it last longer and it’ll still be sticky enough; like an ardent but with a little more space between the lugs. The other choice would be a Maxxis Minion, but it’s not as nice a tire and to me it seemed ike the lug spacing made it feel like you were riding over a rumble strip :astonished:

Maybe you just need to ride the 26er more :smiley:

How tall are you? I’m a little suprised you find the 29er to be hard for climbing, it’s my workhorse, rarely do I want a smaller wheel, though I am seting up a fixed 26 for tech stuff.

I’m 5’ 5". 30" inseam. I can climb with the 29" pretty well. If the trail is very steep and uneven, the 24" is much easier for climbing over the bumpy ground. Most of the trails around me are doable on the 29". I’ve just recently rediscovered the fun of the 24". For a harder (but doable) workout, I take the 29" to the steeper stuff.

The 26" is the Schlumpf and I can’t see the point for me using it in the dirt. Changing tire pressure between road/dirt, Changing pedal location, and not liking second gear over the bumpy downhill stuff makes it good on the road but not advantageous in dirt. That’s just my own deal. Others love it in the dirt. I’m jealous of their ability, but I’m stuck with my limitations. Partly a strength thing, mostly a head thing. I’m also a bit envious of your quads. My skinny girlie (old lady) muscles do pretty well but it must be something to have all that extra strength.

Are those from unicycling? Or do you throw in some weight training in too?

Genetics mostly.

Ben & Bert on being Terry

Just so you don’t think he’s a total spazz (with monster quads), I’m posting another shot or two from that ride (January 5, 2012).

BTW, somehow the subject of the Unigeezer (Terry) came up and we decided to do our own impersonations of the Geez. It was probably funnier in person. Nevertheless, it was an amazingly nice day for a ride in Utah in January! And notice that Ben is not having an awful time riding that awful Berm Master…

Oh yeah, and if you ever get the chance to lend Ben a Muni for a ride, make sure it’s a 24 and not a 29 … or he’ll leave you in the dust!


Ben being Terry.jpg


back on track…


Care to chew up a 3rd Duro?

Here’s your chance to do it for less than retail: 24" and 29" tires

So, you’re short :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes sense, the 29er a big wheel, so a 24 is gonna feel more right sized for you than for me. You could get a fixed 26 and you’d have a ton of tire choices, but if you stay with the 24 you are going to be very limited AND all of the tires will be really heavy.

Holly Roller 2.5 is 1080gm, 2.7 is 1285gm, I’d get the 2.5 and see how you like it.

Other than my fat tire muni, my biggest tire is a 2.6 Ardent. I just don’t see the point of a fat tire except for traction and jumping/hopping; I’m not an “air guy”, so traction on the Oregon is the only rason I ride such a fatty. Though, extra tire does soften out some features :slight_smile:

I was a skinny kid, my brother got the big muscle genes, my sports of choice have always been riding and running, so lots of miles, 3-4 times a week for over thirty years, but no weights, I hate being inside and I can’t stand lifting weights.

Hey Bert, we just got to Portland, sorry we won’t be in SLC this Spring, but for sure I’ll see you this Summer :slight_smile: