Need 24x3 tire

I did search but no luck. I need to get a new tire for my 24". I’ve gone through 2 Duros and would like to try something different. I read through what I could, but can’t find any other available tires. I found one on ebay, ordered it and two weeks later was told it was out of stock. Does anyone have any suggestions of known 24x2.5-24x3" tires? Am I stuck with the Duro? It’s not a bad tire, I just wanted something different.

What do you want in the tire? What do you like about the Duro, what don’t you like?

There are a few tires out there. not as many choices in 24x3 as they used to have but still lots in the 2.5-2.7 range.

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Look at this Halo tyre

I think I’ll give it a try…

I thought the tread pattern looked familiar

Reviewer on linked site
I am onto my third Halo Contra (previously marketed as the Duro Wildlife Leopard)"

He may be mistaken but maybe the same tyre

Get an Intense 24 x 3, great tire, nice edge for carving a turn, sticky rubber, longer lasting than Duro. Keep in mind that the 24" wheel size is gradually fading away, so don’t expect more tires to come around…

This would be good to know. If you’re looking for a dedicated trail tire the Intense is probably the best choice. If you want something a little more versatile I’d recommend the Felt Berm Master ($25 + shipping direct from Felt or your LBS can order one).

I rode a Felt Bermaster for two days over New Years, it was awful. I played with tire pressures and never did get it to ride well, tended to go all over the place and resist all of my efforts to keep the uni on a straight line on trails, also it is not that sticky and it is quite heavy. The Duro is a far better 24" tire unless you ride road.

When I was riding a Duro, I went looking for better tires, rode the Intense for a while, later passing it off to my son when I started riding a 26er, went back to a Duro and found it to be a pretty good tire overall, esp if you want a fat tire. It is hard to improve ona good thing.

Have you played around with tire pressures or tried a lighter or thicker tube?

What don’t you like about the Duro? Could it be that you need a bigger (26) or smaller (20) wheel size for your preferred style?

That’s interesting, Ben. You mentioned in another thread that this was the first time you’d been on a 24" in a long time since you usually ride much bigger wheels). I wonder if this was as much/more of a factor than the tire? Did you get to try a 24x3 Duro during that same time?

We sold my son’s 24 last year, it had an Intense 24 x 3, I jumped on it once in a while, it was easy to ride, but slow and silly, twitchy in a small wheel sort of way, but not unpredictable.

The last time I ride a Duro was last year on a 26er, I was suprised that it rode so well, for some reason I had this memory of it being cumbersome and having poor traction, but it ended up riding quite nice. I gave mine away to a freind in need :slight_smile:

I rode two days on the Berm Master, double track to technical single track, flats and up/downs, mostly dry dirt and rock (Utah). I really tried to like it, but I can’t think of one redeeming value for that tire other than it was better riding a muni that sitting at home reading a book. Granted, I don’t like riding small wheels, but the tire was the biggest issue.

My ride … my take

The 24x3 Berm Master that Ben was riding was mounted on my N24, which I leant him to ride trails with me here in SLC. :smiley: I put the Berm Master on my 24 because the trails get sloppy here during the Winter, and I wanted to spend the season working on advancing my [very limited] set of street skills & tricks, and I didn’t want to wear down my Duro riding on streets & sidewalks. I never really intended to use the Berm Master as my main Muni tire on the 24, but I was too lazy to put the Duro back on for Ben. Besides, I didn’t want to give him too much of an advantage on trails! :wink:

Although Ben characterized the ride as “awful,” he was still able to keep up with me just fine on the unseasonably dry trails, with me on my KH29. Since Ben is a an absolute 29er FIEND, I’m wondering if the “awfulness” of his experience trying out the Berm Master was more related to inherent twitchyness of the small wheel, than actual tire performance – and with trying to keep up with me on my 29er. :stuck_out_tongue:

While I would characterize the Berm Master as “more nimble” than the Duro – because the big knobs on the Duro resist twist much more so than the low profile blocks on the Berm Master – I wouldn’t characterize it as “awful” – just more nimble, and not quite as well behaved for trail riding. But it definitely works well for the purpose intended: street & sidewalk riding, mixed with a little bit of off-road on smooth trails.

And although I don’t have the actual weights at my fingertips, the Berm Master is substantially lighter than the Duro, and is more fun to ride down curbs and stairs (although the pressure has got to be just right or it will bounce you off).

For more opinions on the Berm Master, check out this thread: 24x3 Felt Berm Master Tire

The bottom line for me: While it’s not ideal for full-on Muni, at $24.99 the Berm Master is a darned good tire for goofing around in the city, and rides on smoother trails & fire roads. I actually prefer it over the Duro for street use – maybe because I realize I’m not grinding down the knobs on a pricy off-road tire that I’m planning on reinstalling for Muni once things start drying out here.

Or …

Or maybe it was just the company?

When I bought my 24 it had/has an Arrow Racing Wide Bite, it was about 45- 50% tread left so I can’t say how great it is, but I’ve been riding on it and it seems like a decent ride. Here is a review

and since they aren’t the easiest to find here is a link

but…it does say the tire wears faster, sorry.

Now Bert, I did say it was better to be riding that Berm Master than sitting at home reading a book :roll_eyes:

Yeah, the Berm Master has it’s uses, like playing around on pavement and such. I didn’t know it was lighter than the Duro, but then most tires are :astonished: it certainly wasn’t the company :wink:

And as Burt said, it could be that I was chasing a 29er or that I was used to a bigger wheel…

I just picked up a Duro Savage 26 x 2.6, I believe the same tire is available in a 24". It weighs a couple hundred grams less than the 3" and appears to be construced with the same casing a tread pattern. I found it on Ebay for $30, ships out of Atlanta.

The Ardent 26 x 2.6 is a great tire, but not available in a 24", however Kris posted that he is currently riding a High Roller, which comes in sizes up to a 24 x 2.7, so maybe look into picking one of those up?

To the OP: Don’t you have a 26er? How does the 24 x 3" serve you differently? Is the 24 you primary muni or do you use it jusy for technical riding?

Apropos of the Arrow tires, I have a 24x2.75 Prime Bite, and it’s a surprisingly low volume tire, the casing is only about 2" wide when mounted on a 39mm rim. Smaller than the 2.0" Michelin XC tires on my MTB! Smaller than the 2.0" Specialized tires on my wife’s!

Apparently they base the size on the width of the knobs, which are a lot wider.

That said, it’s a very sturdy DH tire and it works pretty well for me at 18psi. Very large knobs, lots of traction, feels maneuverable and doesn’t feel too slow. Pretty hard rubber, not sure what is claimed, but it’s not a sticky rubber type DH tire, so I expect it will last a while.

In other words, sounds like the complete opposite of the high-volume, fast wearing Wide Bite!

I’ve been riding with the Arrow 24X3, it’s about time to pick up a new tire. I’m still on the fence whether I want to try a Duro or stick with the Arrow. The Arrow has given me a nice ride, because of the worn it hasn’t been too solid in deep mud but otherwise it has proven a very nice ride. I don’t see too much loss of tread since I got it. I want to get a new one for a solid tread to start the Spring season.

When i look at the technical specs on the arrow site i think that the prime bite is meant to be used with higher psi and the wide bite to be used with lower psi (it should measure 3" when you ride the unicycle).



Technical :roll_eyes: . My technical riding is pretty smooth compared to what most of you do. I like smooth single track and dirt roads (as long as there is uphill). I didn’t ride the 24" for quite a long time. I was riding my 29" off road and the 26" is set up as a street unicycle with a Schlumpf hub. I’ve also been riding the Oregon, though I usually leave it home in favor of the 29". I did buy a Maxxis Ardent for the 26", but have yet to use it. I’m happy with the Marathon Supreme for pavement.

I recently started using the 24" again. It climbs up stuff so much easier than the 29". I can climb for several miles without stopping. Downhill is a bit slow though. I can’t imagine riding down steep stuff in high gear, even if it’s not technical. It’s still bumpy enough with rocks and ruts.

I will check the suggested tires. I did try to order an Intense tire from the Unipro shop, but never heard back. I thought they were not selling these any longer. I sent off another email last week so I hope I hear from them. Thanks for the suggestions. I do like the Duro. It’s just a lot of money for wearing out so fast.

Photographic proof…

And in this picture (from Jan. 5, 2012) you can clearly see how much Ben is enjoying the Felt Berm Master 24x3 mounted on my N24:

Ben enjoying the Berm Master.jpg