Need 24 x 3 Duro Tire

My 24" x 3 duro leopard is worn down to the flats and unicycle dot com USA is perennially “out of stock”
Do I need to just accept flimsy 2.25 wide flimsy 2 wheeler tires and ruin my rims?


If volume is what your after there are a few options for 24x2.8” tires.

Bontrager, kenda and specialized make them

I’m considering the specialized myself

@slamdance , I have the tire (Duro 24x3) you are looking for (new). I also have the Specialized Big Roller 24x2.8 (new), and a Duro Leopard 24x 2.6 (the Leopard has 85% tread left). It will take a long time for me to wear out my current Duro 24x3 that is on my Track Monster, as I focus on dirt only with that uni.

If you’d like to buy my extra Duro 24x3 from me, that’ll work out great.

I’ve used both the big roller and the duro leopard, and while I prefer the Leopard, it’s not by much. They’re both about the same outside width and diameter. The Leopard is heavier and more aggressive while the big roller is lighter.

The Leopard gives better traction in mud and slick conditions and seems less squirelly when hopping. The Big Roller climbs a tiny bit better. If you’re riding on dry trails with good traction the Big Roller will probably be best. In wet or muddy conditions however I would want a Leopard.

Thanks all. I will look into big roller, but definitely want the leopard.
I do a lot of idling and SIF idling that really wear out the tire even with rotating my cranks on a regular basis.

I think UDC uk has them in stock I believe.
Try looking for Duro Wildlife, Duro Razorback and Halo Contra as these are the same tyre

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