need 13Gauge spokes, who makes em

Well the bike shop has had no luck tracking down 13guage spokes for me uni :frowning: and it is making me mad as i wanna ride but am not going to risk damage (i do that even with all my spokes in the wheel) they have tried DTswiss but they only sell in a box of 100 and the only straight gauge spokes they have are silver (i want black).

they have tried wheelsmith but no luck and also no luck with some other company.

so does anybody know who makes a 13 straight guage spoke that is black? who makes the spokes for kh?

i need 5 but am going to get about 10 or so just so i have spares


I don’t know if they have what you need but I have bought spokes from these guys before and they are a good company:

yeah thanks but i am really looking for a brand name. because if i have a brand name the lbs can contact them and organise the spokes for me



Sapim !

They made fine spokes in different sizes.
I got 13g (2.3mm) from Sapim. They are called “LEADER”.

But it is a European company (Belgium).


Yeah, Belgium rules.

Peter M

You could try WheelSmith, but I never tried ordering spokes before (never broken one yet). Otherwise, the friendly team at UDC might be able to help out.

yeah but the trouble with sapim is i dont want a 100 pack, or a 500, or 3000 pack so thats an issue

My bad, I did read your post in full but must have forgot what you had typed before getting my message in. Maybe you could convince UDC NZ to buy a 100 pack :wink:

yeah i can get 36 from udc nz but i just wanted to see if i could get em from the bike shop first… looks like i’ll be getting them from udc