Naucc/euc/unicon 2012

Where is NAUCC 2012 going to be? I heard it was in Detroit, if it is I really want to go! I’m going to UNICON, I registered and paid 2 days ago… Now it would be a good idea to check where to stay and how much everything costs :stuck_out_tongue:

I realized the other day that there’s no way I can afford to go to Italy… Even if I have enough money, I need to save up for university next year :frowning:

BUT, NAUCC is close by, and I will definitely be going :). It’s in Saline, Michigan.

Im heading to naucc . first unicycle event ever for me. i hope its fun…:slight_smile:

I’m definitely going to UNICON. I might make it to NAUCC, it depends whether I’m studying in Europe in June or not…