Naucc/euc/unicon 2012

So i was going to attend my first uni event at NAUCC 2011 and got screwed out of it and am already SO excited about next year. Started planning already too. Now all the events from what i know fall around the same time, i’m thinking i got to go to unicon. Any one else got plans already for next years events?

Unicon fo’ sho’

Pooooossssibly NAUCC as well. I’d love to hit both.

Where’s naucc at next year? I wish I could go to unicon, but there’s no way that could happen.

I’ll definitely be at unicon. It would be so sick if EUC Summer was somewhere close to Italy in the same time frame so I could get both on one trip. I dunno about NAUCC though, it’s only 5 days and I’ve heard it’s in Detroit…

Unicon for sure!! no way I will mis that :smiley:
and I guess Olaf will be smart enough to place euc at the end of august :stuck_out_tongue: so those 2 don’t overlap… (otherwise, euc won’t have much rider…)
so if I can I will also go to euc!

Unicon for sureee dude! It’s gonna be sick!

NAUCC is supposed to be in Michigan… So I’d guess Detroit. Only 5 days?? Lame.

UNICON for sure for me :smiley: I’d like to go to NAUCC to if I can.

Actually there’s a lot of Michigan outside of Detroit. Fortunately. The city is Saline (pronnounced Suh-leen), which is a suburb of Ann Arbor. I think it’s early in the planning stages so there might end up being more days. If they have the same venues as 2007, the high school was excellent for indoor events (big gym with lots of “extra” room). They may also be negotiating with Eastern Michigan University, where RTUC hosted in 1985 and 88.

I will be at Unicon, but our prior trip through Italy might make it impossible for me to make yet another NAUCC. And in my home state! :frowning:

i’ll be at UNICON in Italy. Looking forward to Muni in the Dolomites-bring on the mountains! Also hoping that there will be some other Muni events in europe organised around the same time.


Looks like unicon is the place to be. I’m for sure going to be there. Where is it being held? By the way i love your user title julia. “Unicon 2012!”

In Italy, South Tirol.

I’m going to Unicon for sure! :slight_smile: It’s going to be so awesome! :smiley:

how come?

I also wish I could go to unicon, but I also need to save up for university… I think naucc will have to do :slight_smile:

And maybe EUC winter

Money and It’s hard to get time off of work.

Saline isn’t too far, maybe I could make it to NAUCC 2012!

Not many of the expert riders will be going to NAUCC so maybe this will be the year for all not so serious, advanced level riders, to take out the expert level competitions. Could be cool for them to have that experience. I will be traveling to Italy with a bunch of NZ riders, if there are other competitions I can tie into this, that would be really cool but I think it’ll be too expensive for the other riders I’ll be traveling with… and I’d prefer to just stick with them.

Man! I want to go somwhere SO bad! NAUCC was bomb this year! I can’t afford Unicon. Is NAUCC 12’ worth going to year?

If i cant afford going over seas i’m going to NAUCC 100%. i’d still rather go to unicon and am saving up already.