NAUCC 2008 results

so where are the results?

you got to see them live sucka!?!

I think i was even standing right next to you

It sure would be nice if the results were posted at … I imagine they will be when people have time to work on it.

You can amuse yourself with some photos (and a couple of videos) I posted if you like in the meantime:


I am sure John Foss will post them when he gets them and when he gets time.

I am more anxious to see all the pictures he took. In the meantime, here is a picture of John Foss taking a picture:

I’m interested in his photos also. He had a difference focus (mmm) than I did and was able to shoot during events I wasn’t able to attend or was competing in. The shots I had were more limited to the immediate group of riders I was with and the fun we had.

It’s almost time for NAUCC '09, does anyone have the results for NAUCC '08? I tried their web site but it no longer works.

no results but the current site is:

Nice pictures. I thought NAUCC was in MN, what where you doing at Mt Rushmore?

This is for 2008