NAUCC 2007 Registration

The Redford Township Unicycle Club (RTUC) will be hosting NAUCC 2007 in Saline, Michigan. The dates are Friday, July 27 - Wednesday, August 1, 2007. Please visit for more information.

Registration has begun. You may register and pay on-line for the first time ever (at no additional cost). Snail mail registration and payment is also available through the NAUCC 2007 website, The early registration deadline is April 14, 2007.

See you this summer!


Just wondering; are the contests open to international riders again
(after a rule prevented the nationals from being rushed by international UNICON11 competitors in 2002)?

the united states unicycling council is discussing that matter right now

Yes, international riders are welcome to attend and compete at NAUCC 2007, although only North American competitors will be eligible to hold national titles.

So am I right in saying that there will be no trials competition?

No, there is a trials competition, street too.

Yes, there is a Trials Competition scheduled for Tuesday, July 31st with practice time available on Monday. Street is also set for Tuesday.

Can one use a coker on the 9am Muni ride on the last day and the 10k ride on the last day? Or are there restrictions for wheel sizes?

Coker is okay for 10K, but nothing bigger than a 24" for muni.

Late Registration deadline

The late registration deadline is June 27, 2007. After that date only on-site registration will be available. Late registration is $90 and on-site registration is $110. You can register at