NAUCC 09 Footage/Minivids


Does anyone have footage of Emele trying to flip the 7? :smiley: That was the coolest thing ever

WHAT??? :astonished: :astonished: That kid Is crazy! When was he trying that? I know I wasn’t there.

That was easily my favorite part of the street comp!

Wait was he trying to crankflip or actual frontflip?

Just a crankflip;)

But prior to the street comp, the biggest set he had crankflipped was a 2. He can’t catch flips early, he just went for it. Totally sick.

did he land it?

No. I cant believe he went for it though!

can you put up my battles?

Yeah we all wana see them

yea sorry i’ve been slow.

K pat vs eli next, its uploading to youtube right now.


Cool flat style, Pele. :slight_smile:

Wow, I did better than I remember. I kept thinking I got pwned so bad, but I was actually landing stuff:)

Thanks for putting that up. Are you gonna put up the final 2 battles? (Me vs. Matt and Eli Vs. Spencer)

yea, today or tomorrow

alright cool :smiley: