NAUCC 09 Footage/Minivids

Yes, this is where I will post all the videos of stuff I filmed when I can. Other people can post their Naucc vids or ones they find on youtube/vimeo/wherever here or make their own thread. IDCare. Comments welcome. First Vid coming soon.

This one has me failing the rail at 1:30

hmmm sorry but I must say that Irene should have win this… (the girl with helmet)

Yeah, I would have chose Irene too I think, but I wasn’t judging. No offense anna:o.

Irene landed more tricks, and more tricks that are closely related to flatland, while Anna didn’t land many tricks, and tricks that were more related to street… I would have chosen Irene too.

well at the start irene did a rolling wrap (flatland) and she was very consistent while anna was not consistent at all. but about half way thru all of irenes tricks were freestyle tricks and anna was still unconsistent. but at the end irenes consistency was out the window and anna started landing her tricks very nicely.

so it was basically a competition between street style tricks and freestyle. i think street would do better in a flatland comp but that is arguable. but in the end it all came down to actually landing the tricks and the judges must hav forgotten annas bad consistency at the start and only judged her good consistency towards the end wen irene was falling apart.

i think it would hav been very difficult to judge and i cant really choose a winner but the judges said anna so im not gonna argue.

wow that was a boring ramble from me

I am pretty sure Anna won by one vote, so the judges had varying opinions.

On the subject of what is flatland, everything counts. I think ideally flatland should be a showcase of cool transitions and difficult skills, there’s no need to define it anymore specifically than that. I’d personally rather see cool looking freestyle skills, street tricks have their own competition and a flatland competition is the only way to perform freestyle tricks without putting together a corny routine or doing standard skills.

Lol i love you Anna but Irene should have won :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to go so bad…

Nice Jon. T’was sick

Helmets are lol

Haha I miss riding with you too. I really wish I could just fly everywhere for free!


Nice. Thanks for upping all these vids Zach, keep em comin, your a legend.


Thanks, I’ll try and get some more flat runs up today, including the battles.