Natural trials video series...

Day One -
Day Two -
Day Three b[/b] -

From now on, I’ll post news of new natural trials videos in this thread instead of individual threads. I’m hoping to do a few more in the near future. There are some amazing places to ride here in Brisbane.

Today I played around in a new location which was really nice. There were a couple of lines I checkened out on because I was there on my own. I’ll hopefully get around to trying them some day. One was a great log ride down a bouncy narrow fallen tree above the ground.

I was happy with one line in particular because I got to apply some fun techniques (ie, having the wheel wedged in place, then hopping 90 degrees to another nearby groove to wedge into).

This latest video is 75sec long and about 4MB in size. As requested, I left out music this time.



Nice stuff! that was some awesome riding. I’d say the third movie is my favourite :slight_smile:
Looks like you have some really awesome places to ride there. Coming to think about it if I ever got around to going up Takaka Hill (largely where the LOTR was filmed) there would be some really cool stuff like that, maybe i can convince the folks to go up for a picnic or somehting :wink:
Overall good stuff, and nice riding, keep them coming!

All really awesome stuff. I’d love to make a movie like this, both urban and rural styles. The flow is just so great. Keep it up.

Cheers guys. Zack, do you want me to send some of the better ones of these recent clips along with my old footage?



Natural Trials Series:
Video 4 - Natural Trials at Home (60sec, 3MB)

This is the result of about 30 minutes of riding. Now my seat has ripped right through and only has a few more rides left in it. :frowning:

I was really happy with the last set of gaps between the rock peaks. I didn’t think I was going to try it, at least without pads. To all the no-helmet naysayers, I apologise. 'Twas just a spur of the moment ride after watching Jess and Zack’s great video.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look as nice as the other videos due to lack of direct sunlight…plus I wasn’t out on a nice mountain I was at home.



As always nice stuff Andrew.
You have a pretty nice area of rocks to ride in your backyard, thats cool. Your lucky you didn’t get a pedal to the legs :wink:

and may your seat have a long and restfull retirement

Thanks Peter. Yeah those rocks are good fun. There are lots of opportunities to wedge the tyre between two rocks which is always fun. They won’t be there forever though…just until a new house goes up. :frowning:

I think you can see my two pedal scars on my right leg in one of the shots. :slight_smile:

(after punching computer)It wont work for me! :angry:

An error comes up saying “some codecs requered for this media are not downloaded on your system”.


DivX maybe? I don’t know. If you don’t have a DivX codec get it here…its good and a lot of people use it on their vids.

They all worked in Windows Media Player for me, and I don’t THINK I’ve downloaded any codecs … wait, no I did get the DivX one TheObieOne is talking about. Try it with that, it should work fine.

It was just made with Windows Movie Maker so I would have thought it should be playable on any Windows-equipped computer. Not sure what’s going on.

I just installed this for our vids here … (free)

Media Player Classic

Unzip it to whatever folder … then click it … and set your file associations :smiley:

The movies are nice btw !
Keep up the good work !
(I’m gonna buy one-o-dem someday)


this was awhile ago… anyway yeah send some footage… i have no idea when i’m going to make this video. you know it will be good though. if dan comes down here and films with me then that will be the end of it and i’ll put some effort into editing and stuff. man i’m busy…

Another short natural trials movie…

Payne Rd and Slaughter Falls Natural Trials (6.3MB, 1min20sec)

Here’s another little movie. Nothing fantastic, but a bit of fun. I chickened out on a couple of lines I wanted to try that I really should have done. Two lines involving post gaps were what intimidated me a little, then I didn’t do what would have been a really fun line because I saw a harmless green tree snake in a tree above me and, being the snake-o-phobe that I am, left the line for another day.

I’ve decided to film ALL of my unicycling footage in widescreen from now on. A bit of a bold move, but I really like the way it frames the shots.


As always, sweet stuff. You’re getting some nice distance on those gaps. Keep up the good work.