National Unicycle Convention in Toronto in July

It’s only about 7 weeks until the National Unicycle Convention in Toronto
from July 16th to 21st. For those of you who plan to attend and haven’t
registered yet, please to get your form in soon, as the registration fee
goes up to $75.00 (US) on June 1st. You can find the Convention
Registration Form at Please note that
all competitors must be members of the Unicycle Society of America, by the
time the competition starts.

We also need you to complete the Events Registration Form (even if you’ve
registered for the Convention), as we need to know which events you will
be competing in. We really need this information, so please send us the
form as soon as possible. This will enable us to schedule the time of each
event/race, and estimate the number of medals and trophies we’ll need. In
previous years, this events registration was included in the general
registration form, but that was not possible this year, because rule
changes had not been finalized at the time we needed to start
registration. The Events Registration Form is now on line, at You can fill it
out directly on-line, but if you haven’t already registered for the
convention, we need your Convention Registration Form too.

The schedule for the week will be as follows: Opening Ceremony will be on
Monday morning at Humber College. Artistic Events will be on Monday and
Tuesday during the day at Humber College. Unicycle Hockey will be on
Monday evening in Humber College gym. Unicycle Basketball will be on
Tuesday evening in Humber College gym. On Wednesday we’ve planned a
unicycle ride through downtown Toronto, followed by a visit to some
Toronto landmarks. The Public Show of some of the world’s best unicyclists
is on Wednesday evening. Unicycle Racing is during the day on Thursday and
Friday at the Track and Field Centre at York University (about 7 miles
from Humber College). Trials Unicycling competition will be held on Friday
afternoon at York University, but the equipment will be set up on Thursday
(and maybe earlier in the week) to allow time to practice on the
equipment. The MUni events promise to be awesome. Cross-Country, Downhill
and Uphill will be held on the mountain biking courses at Kelso
Conservation Area, near Milton, Ontario on Saturday. There will also be a
recreational group MUni ride at Kelso on Saturday, suitable for all skill
levels. On Sunday July 22nd, there will be a much more challenging ride
for advanced riders only at Dagmar Mountain Bike Centre, near Whitby,
Ontario. For more information on the Muni, check out our web site at

Because parking is expensive downtown and at York University, we have
arranged for busses to transport participants to these locations. Please
sign up for the busses on the Convention Registration Form. It will be
much cheaper than parking.

There are still hotel rooms and a few dormitory rooms available. If anyone
who has ordered meals at Humber College has any specific food requirements
such as vegetarian meals or allergies, please let us know so we can make
those arrangements.

We still need volunteers to lead workshops, to judge the events and to
generally help out during the week of the Convention.

If you require any further information, please contact Peter Groves at for registration information, or Darren Bedford at for other information.