Name this rider?

Does anyone know the name of this rider?
I believe she was the third competitor in the Expert Freestyle Individual comp in Unicon 18 (Donostia Spain), but I don’t have the performing order.

That’s Oko Suzuki.

I’d like to compliment her appearance !
She became 6th in Individual Freestyle Expert Female
(but clearly got the skills and talent worth a medal).
And in both small groups as large groups she won gold.

That’s here, but not published at the IUF website.


Thanks Leo. All your evidence adds up to 100%. I also found her X-style routine on youtube, and it’s clearly the same girl. I can now complete my caption for this picture on the World Unicycling Calendar :slight_smile:

There were three girls with a good looking Bielmann, and she was one of them.
But as I’ve video’ed all freestyle, I -with your hints- looked it up; and her clip included both the announcements, so I had not any doubt anymore.