name of your uni

What names have your unis

My munis are

“Rocinante” ridden by “don jogi de la mancha”
In his never ending fight against the giant windy hills

“Jolly Jumper” ridden by “lucky jogi” who falls faster than his shaddow

I think for a name to stick, it has to be a machine that you ride frequently enough to really develop a relationship with. Your names have context and make sense, it seems reasonable that they should stick.

My first unicycle, my 20" Ringmaster, is called Sally. I’d never planned to name it. I was at either a unicycle or juggling club (I don’t remember which, they were both in the same hall), taking a break, sitting on the stage with the unicycle next to me, and the thought suddenly popped into my head that she was a Sally. Nearly 20 years on I still ride that unicycle regularly and I still refer to her as Sally.

When I bought my 26" Muni a few years later and decided that it should have a name I went for alliteration and called it Melissa, or Mindy. But it didn’t stick. I should have waited until I’d developed a relationship with the unicycle. I’ve never really referred to it, or thought of it, as anything other than “The Muni”.

Similarly with the Coker, I called it Cindy but I’ve never really thought of it as anything other than “The Coker”. I doubt I’ll ever develop much of a relationship with that unicycle.

Earlier this year I built myself a 29". I haven’t named it. In time, when I’ve ridden it a bit more, I hope that a suitable name will present itself to me. Otherwise I’m not going to make any effort to think of a name.

here they are

That’s not quite what I meant by names sticking :smiley:

I bought some stick-on letters designed for bike frames, which I used to write “Sally” down one side of Sally’s frame. The green letters looked very nice against the red paintwork. But that was in 1994 and, apart from a few green splodges, the lettering has long ago worn away.

ya, best place for long last stickers is inside of the legs or seat tube.

Neither my trials uni nor my Oracle 26 have names. The former b/c I have not formed that relationship with it, the latter because it’s just “my uni”. It’s the one I ride all the time.

My KH 36, however is “Big Bertha”. I don’t know why, but something about the size of that wheel just seemed right for the name, or vice versa. I think it also has an allusion (in my head) to the rim size (787) that sounds like a giant airplane in the Boeing line. So, Big Bertha just seemed to fit.

I’ve named my 26" XC/Muni “The Purple Nurple”…it was the first of my builds to ge purple nipples. :slight_smile:
My fat tire 26" is unofficially “The Fatty.”
I tend to call my 19" trials “The Little Guy.”
Right now my 29" is called quite a few swear words bc of how frustrated I am with learning to mount on hills on something so high, and also trying to figure out how to use handlebars with it. So maybe in the future it won’t be called a f@&$ing piece of s&@%.

We’ll see. :slight_smile:

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The 20" name is Aristide Boris II
The 24" name is Bazarov

I named them as soon as I got them, but I rarely use their names… People already think I’m crazy because I ride unicycles, I do not want them to confirm my craziness! :slight_smile:

I was debating for awhile on uni names. I have a 36" Coker and was discussing names with my sister-in-law. I was looking for a strong German or Russian name for it and rattled off a few male names. She immediately stopped me and said I should give it a girls’ name or else I’d be mounting a man… thus I dubbed her Helga.

I also have a 24" Torker LX and dubbed her Heidi to go with alliteration and continue European names.

Hey. “f@&$ing piece of s&@%” is what I’ve been calling my 19 lately, what a coincidence! :slight_smile:

Love it!

My unis have the name of their home made valve cap (using petshop, except my 26 red/black for city rides with a Playmobil Dark Vador !)

My Street Machine (touring recumbent) is called Helga. It’s a name that I used to associate with hefty German women and the Street Machine is a hefty German bike.

I’m not sure now why I’d associate the name with hefty women, the image that comes to my mind now when I think of the name Helga is Helga from Allo Allo:

Resurrecting this after @lightbulbjim named his MUni frame :wink: (Mad4One 36” frame coming soon! - #42 by lightbulbjim)

Surely there are more people now with names for their unicycles


I’d already dubbed my new muni the Green Machine. My 26er feels more like a Sonic Pop the way I have it configured at the moment, especially if I end up putting shorter cranks on it.

I usually just refer to my 36er as Nightrider, since it’s all black and has it printed on the side. Alternative names include Wheel of Life and Wheel of Misfortune, depending on my disposition at the end of a ride.

I don’t have a name for my trials uni because I don’t care about it enough. Its main role at the moment is to teach me how to $@!&*%# idle.

Both sound very appropriate

I’m afraid to say that none of my unicycles actually have names so despite resurrecting this thread I don’t have much to contribute!

I did call my freewheel the magical death machine when I first started riding it, but as it’s become far less odd that name no longer suits.

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I think I already cited somewhere the names of my unis…
so agin:
the Coker is named “Mirza” (a pun for French readers only)
the 32" is “Rangorang” (multicolored in many iranian languages)
the (now gone) 29" was “Zéphyrin” (the wind)
the 26" fatty is “franken_muni” (frankenstein muni)
one 24" muni is “grouïnk” (a boar: again a pun for those who know Asterix), the other is “blue dop” (it’s a blue KH and a “dop” is kind of lizard)
a 19" is “zébulon” ( a TV character that gets jumping along)
I still have 3 unnamed beasts…

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I’m probably silly because I don’t get it :upside_down_face:
What does it refer to?

Regarding my unis, only my KH29 has a name: Jasmine. It has been given by its previous owner. It’s been a long time since I told me for the first time to give a name to all of my unis… But I never did it :upside_down_face:
My girlfriend’s KH26 is called “Philibert” or “Philou” but I don’t remember where it comes from :thinking:

You’re just too young to remember Mirza the dog - a Cocker?- !

Blockquote the best place for stickers is the innerside of your Frame but you can’t see them that’s not so good. Or the other one, near the Crank but I don’t know is it strong enough for the mud. Ya it’s a German Sticker near the Crank. Or the side of the Handle Bar but you can’t see them when you ride your Uni.

The Name of my 24 inch Muni with 150 mm cranks and a weight of 7,1 KG is: Heavy Muni because the 7,1 KG that it’s weight.

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Oh, you’re right! I now remember this old song. I was not born… And my parents were still toddlers.:grin:
I should now find some clever puns for my unis’ names. That’ll take me some time!